Religious Groups Organize Counter-Protest Against Satanic Conference in Boston

As hundreds of Satanic worshippers descended on Boston for an annual ‘SatanCon’ event, religious people in the community and across the state prepared countermeasures to fight back against the satanic conference that included a marketplace with satanic swag and ‘sermons’ from satanic leaders.

Religious counter-protesters holding up signs saying ‘Satan has no rights!’ flocked to the streets of Boston after the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston said that they planned to respond to the event with a focus on prayer.

The religious group Revive Boston led the protesters, with leader Dr. Jaymz Sideras warning satanic conferencegoers, saying, ‘While they think they are coming to ambush Boston, little do they know that God has planned to ambush them.’

Revive Boston’s website said it is hosting a weekend of ‘revival’ where Sideras and other leaders will give prayer lessons. Supporters then went to ‘key locations’ in Boston to ‘flood the streets with worship and God’s word.’

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The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston took a more conservative approach, telling the Catholic News Agency they plan to use ‘intense prayer’ to combat the satanic conference.

‘At the direction of the cardinal [Sean O’Malley], we are approaching it through a response balanced and focused on prayer,’ a spokesman added.

‘The Archdiocese of Boston is responding to The Satanic Temple’s “SatanCon” event in Boston with scheduled eucharistic adoration, Catholic devotions, and “intense prayer.’ CNA further said.

While many seemed focused on a far-right group called ‘Patriot Front’ who attended the counter-protests, pictures taken at the event indicate that only about a dozen members of the white nationalist group were in attendance.

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Other images primarily show demonstrators holding signs with religious imagery condemning the presence of ‘public satanism’ in America.

Counter-protesters at the conference did not seem to bother Satancon attendees, with one saying it was ‘their right’ to be there.

‘We’ve had threats,’ one Satanist attendee told Freedom News. ‘There are protestors; quite a few of them are outside. We have no problem with them protesting; that’s their right to do.’

Last month, the group caused a public outcry after a California elementary school began hosting an ‘After School Satan Club.’

One parent slammed the decision to allow the club as ‘disgusting,’ while another said it was a mistake.’

The group claimed that its Satan club at the elementary school ‘promotes a rational, science-based, non-superstitious world view.’

One attendee corroborated the claim that the group’s primary focus is not on spiritual beliefs but on listing political views.

“It’s about supporting human rights. It’s about supporting women’s bodily autonomy. It’s about freedom of religion, freedom from religion,” SatanCon attendee Richard-Lael Lillard told WBZ-TV.

‘Most don’t believe in Satan, not a literal Satan. It’s not some 1980s horror film.’ She further said.

SatanCon struck a defiant tone regarding the controversy in California, however, displaying a placard saying ‘Education with Satan’ at the conference and comparing it to the ‘Good News Club,’ a Christian program for children in schools.

Another attendee, Suzanna Plum, said, ‘I understand the confusion, the fear. I really do, but at the same time, we’re a very misunderstood group.’

‘We’re just like everybody else. We pay our taxes; we want our communities to improve and do better. We love our kids just like everybody else. We’re just normal people; we just believe a little differently.’

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