‘Red Tsunami’ Trends on Twitter as Republicans Get Last-Minute Boost in the Polls

Republicans in Florida and across the country are expressing optimism about the upcoming midterm elections.  They have upgraded the ‘red wave’ predicted earlier this year to a ‘red tsunami’ with less than a week to go.

In the final two weeks leading up to the election, Republicans bounced back in the polls and appear to be set to take the House and the Senate and win Governor’s races in key swing states.

In Florida, Republicans are looking to solidify the state as solid red by winning in every statewide office and expanding on their lead in Congressional seats, where they currently hold 16 of of Florida’s 27 seats.

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Enthusiasm among the Republican grassroots appears to be high as ‘red tsunami’ and ‘red wave’ was trending on Twitter this week.

On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. held a rally in the Democratic stronghold of Miami, the rally seemed well-attended and the energy in the crowd was high.

Miami-Dade may be turning purple according to early voting and mail-in voting numbers that show Republicans and Democrats in a dead heat.

Grassroots conservatives have expressed more enthusiasm than their Democratic counterparts at rallies that often see thousands of supporters and that are replete with patriotic chants and cheers from the crowd.

Patrick Basham predicted both Brexit and Trump’s unexpected victory in 2016 and predicted a Red Tsunami for the midterms this Tuesday.

Democrats, who usually hold a slight lead in party registration nationwide, are down 6 percent in the latest Gallup Poll, with 48% of voters identifying as Republicans and 42% identifying as Democrats.

Democrats held an 11-point lead in the last midterm election in 2018, meaning that there has been a 17-point swing in the last four years.

Democrats have struggled with messaging in the final weeks leading up to the election, choosing to focus on hot-button social issues rather than the economy or crime.

Another Twitter user said they would vote for Republicans for the first time in their life and hoped for a red tsunami.  “I am the person who never thought I would ever vote Republican. But on 11/8/16 when I blew out my 🎂 I wished for a red wave; on Tuesday, I will be wishing for a red tsunami.” She said.

A prominent Twitter user said that Democrats Charlie Crist and Val Demings were underperforming in Florida, saying that he would tell his followers if they were “kicking ass,” but they are not. He said that Florida is set for a red tsunami.

Democrat candidates in Florida have remained bullish on their chances of beating Republicans despite dismal polling numbers.

On Saturday, Crist asked his followers if they were “excited to end Ron DeSantis’s career” in 3 days.

Crist is currently trailing by 11.5%, according to a RealClearPolitics polling average. He has trailed by double digits in every poll conducted in the last three weeks.

For her part, Representative Val Demings, D-Fl. running to unseat Republican incumbent Marco Rubio, R-Fl. said on Twitter that she would “make history” in three days.

Rubio leads by 7.5% in the latest RealClearPolitics polling average, while the 538 forecast gives Rubio a 95 in 100 chance of retaining his Senate seat.

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