‘Rebellion!’: Anthony Sabatini Sends Letter to Oust RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

Chairman of the Lake County GOP  Anthony Sabatini sent a letter on Wednesday calling for a special meeting of the RPOF to discuss the potential termination of RNC chair Ronna McDaniel.

While the letter, signed by 30 others, does not explicitly call for McDaniel’s termination, it’s hard to read it any other way. It opens by claiming that McDaniel failed in her duties as chair in light of the lackluster midterm results, where a red wave morphed into a red mirage everywhere but in Florida.

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“Ronna McDaniel failed in her position as RNC Chair in the 2022 election cycle and has yielded extremely unimpressive election results for the GOP election cycle”, the letter reads.

The letter also touted Florida as “a leading conservative state” and as being critical to the future of the GOP.

“Furthermore, the eyes of the Nation are on Florida as a leading conservative state whose grassroots electorate determines the future of the GOP.”

In an announcement of the letter on Twitter, Sabatini banged a similar drum, saying that the nation will go as Florida does.

Ultimately, this was all preamble to the letter’s request, a special meeting to vote on the question of “Should Ronna McDaniel be terminated as Chair of the RNC at the January 27th meeting of the RNC.”

Sabatini indicated that his collection of thirty signatures mandated the conference and that whatever was decided would be a bellwether for the rest of the nation.

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Despite his focus on the national importance of Florida, Sabatini did not offer himself or any other Floridian as McDaniel’s replacement, instead suggesting California Republican Harmeet Dillon.

Moreover, RNC national committeeman Tyler Bower said on Twitter that Florida might not be alone and instead leads the way for a collection of states to call for new leadership.

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