Rebekah Jones: The fugazi whistleblower trying to unseat Matt Gaetz

Rebekah Jones rose to stardom after she accused Governor Ron DeSantis of covering up Covid-19 deaths in December of 2020.  She is part of a long line of grifters who have been boosted by liberal media outlets like CNN and MSNBC.  She appeared on CNN’s most highly rated shows including ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ and ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’ multiple times throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jones is attempting to capitalize on her fifteen minutes of fame by running against Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fl. in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.

Yesterday, Jones’s sole claim to fame was exposed as fraudulent after the Florida Inspector General reported finding insufficient evidence that DeSantis covered up Covid data, according to the Tallahassee Democrat

The report investigated four complaints against Florida Deputy Secretary of Health Shamarial Roberson and other prominent health officials in the state.  Jones alleged that Florida health officials directed her to falsify Covid positivity rates, which the Inspector General said was ‘unsubstantiated.’  She also claimed that Florida health officials directed her to conceal Covid-19 data from the public.  The Inspector-General noted that all the accused were ‘exonerated’ in the report.

Jones’s campaign has raised over $370,000 based on her status as a legitimate whistleblower and over half a million dollars on GoFundMe.

Jones’s past is riddled with controversial statements and a mile-long rap sheet that would make a seasoned criminal blush.

In 2019, Jones was charged with stalking an ex-boyfriend and student of hers at Florida State University.  After their breakup, she allegedly threatened to give her ex-boyfriend’s roommate a failing grade.

In 2016, Jones was charged with battery against a police officer and resisting arrest after being dismissed from her position at Louisiana State University and refused to vacate the premises.

Staff member booked after altercation with LSUPD officers

On June 13, 26-year-old University staff member Rebekah Jones was booked on one count of battery on a police officer, one count of remaining after forbidden and two counts of resisting arrest, Scott said. Scott said officers arrived at the Sea Grant building when Jones refused to leave at the request of LSU Human Resources. Scott said Jones initiated physical contact against two LSUPD officers while resisting arrest and officers were forced to subdue her.

After being fired from two university jobs, fired from the Florida Department of Health, and having a criminal history, the attack ads write themselves.  But she hasn’t shied away from controversy since announcing her candidacy for Congress.

In one recent example, On May 15th, she called State Representative Randy Fine a “vapid piece of human flesh sack that has the intellectual capacity of an ostrich and the general appearance of a platypus.”

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