Real-Life Faceless Blob Found In Ocean

Deep-sea explorers found a golden, flesh-like orb in the ocean with an ominous-looking hole in it, and they had no idea what it was. 

The Miami Herald reported that the US team found the orb two miles down in the “deep abysmal depths” of the Gulf of Alaska. 

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About the odd hole in the blob, one researcher said;

Something tried to get in … or to get out.

Another researcher stated;

I just hope when we poke it, something doesn’t decide to come out.

Admittedly, that’s the thought that would go through my mind. So what did the group do with this monstrosity next? They took it to the lab to do experiments to find out what kind of alien being this thing was. Clearly, no one in this group has ever watched a horror movie. This won’t end well.

According to the NY Post, researcher one continued by saying;

I just hope when we poke it, something doesn’t decide to come out,” another said, according to the Herald. It’s like the beginning of a horror movie.

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Another team member stated;

When our collective knowledge can’t identify it, it’s something weird. What kind of an animal would make an egg casing like that?

This is a horror movie! They found an unidentified blob! They should have left this thing in peace. They’ve probably inadvertently unleashed the beast. As the old saying goes, mess with the bull, and you’re gonna get the horns. 

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