Reactions Erupt, Supporters Outraged at Jan. 6th Committee’s Criminal Referral of Pres. Trump

On Monday, the January 6th Committee concluded its business by criminally referring former President Donald Trump and his lawyer, John Eastman, to the Department of Justice.

The referral is the culmination of a year and a half of subpoenas, testimony, and evidence collected by the Committee that likely be dismantled after Republicans take the House back in January.

The Committee referred Trump and Eastman for criminal prosecution based on their belief that they violated four different criminal statutes. Perhaps the most controversial one was that they allegedly incited an insurrection.

People across the country and the world reacted quickly, with liberals celebrating the referral and conservatives claiming that it was a politically motivated witch hunt.

In Palm Beach County, where Trump spends most of his time at his Mar-a-Lago estate, Republicans defended the former President.  Michael Barnett,  Chairman of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, cited the fact that the President told his supporters to remain peaceful and attempted to call up the National Guard.

“In Palm Beach County, we support President Trump and believe he will be vindicated. We haven’t seen any proof that he committed criminal wrongdoing. In fact, he urged protesters in Washington to demonstrate peacefully and was refused his offer to call up the national guard at the Capitol. This has never been done before to a sitting president. It’s as historic as it is tragic. President Trump will have his day, and the partisan Democrats and Never- Trumpers on the January 6 committee will be held accountable.” Barnett said in an exclusive statement to Florida Jolt.

While conservatives were undoubtedly outraged about the decision to refer Trump for prosecution, some expressed optimism that the incoming Republican majority in the House would right the wrongs caused by the January 6th Committee.

“No surprise from the Kangaroo Court.” This was their plan all along. Let’s be clear; they were on a time clock. On January 3, 2023 a new crop of Congressmen/women are entering the Capitol. This will not happen after 1/3/23. This was yet again a HUGE waste of Taxpayer dollars on a “Clown Show “ that got Zero ratings and No public support. It’s all a sham, anyway! They Know it…We Know It…The Whole World Knows It!”  Said Annie Marie Delgado, President of Conservative Watch USA.

Club 45 USA, a huge group that supports Pres. Trump also condemned the criminal referrals by the January 6th Committee.  The group also said that the referrals will result in a boost in support for Trump.

“The actions taken today by the January 6 Unselect committee are totally disgusting. Today, their criminal referral to the DOJ will generate more support than ever for President Trump.” Said Larry Snowden, President of Club 45.USA in Palm Beach County.

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On Monday night, Trump released a statement regarding the criminal referrals made by the January 6th Committee. He said that people who “love freedom” would “rally around him” due to the decision. He also used the defense that he requested a National Guard presence at the January 6th rally.

Outgoing Representative Adam Kinzinger, R-Il. who was one of two Republican members of the committee, supported the decision to criminally refer Trump to the Department of Justice.

He seemed to imply that one of his motives for referring Trump for criminal prosecution was ensuring that he would not be elected President again.

In New York, protesters gathered in front of Trump Tower to demand that he is arrested just hours after the January 6th Committee made its referral.

The protesters held signs calling the former President an “insurrectionist” and saying that he was guilty of sedition.

While the referral made by the January 6th Committee may bolster the Department of Justice’s case if they choose to prosecute Trump, it is in no way binding, meaning that the Department of Justice could decline to prosecute Trump if they believe there is insufficient evidence.

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