Rapid Response Director for the DNC Amplify’s Trump’s Attacks on DeSantis

Over the last few months, Donald Trump has occasionally been lobbing attacks at his most threatening potential rival, Governor Ron DeSantis, in the run-up to the 2024 Presidential election. DeSantis has not returned fire or even confirmed he will be running,  yet, democrat operatives and left-wing outlets have amplified and even supported Trump’s attacks.

Trump DeSantis

DeSantis has also proven to be a popular figure in conservative circles. Most early polls have DeSantis within striking distance of the former president, with some even projecting the governor as the favorite to win. DeSantis’s overwhelming 19-point victory over the 2022 midterms and his handling of Hurricane Iain further boosted his status, prompting Trump to begin his attacks.

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Trump branded the Florida Governor as “Ron DeSanctimonious” back in November as a start and also repeatedly referenced the role he played in helping DeSantis get elected in 2018. Now that rumors have intensified that DeSantis’s team is preparing for a bid for the White House, Trump’s attacks have grown heavier,  calling DeSantis disloyal and increasingly focusing on substance and policy. Strangely, it is now that left-wing voices have become unlikely allies with the former president, teaming up with him to attack DeSantis, even from his right flank.

Trump accused DeSantis of engaging in COVID lockdowns in one Truth Social post.

The revelations about Ron DeSanctimonious doing FAR WORSE than many other Republican governors, including that he unapologetically shut down Florida and its beaches, was interesting, indeed.  DJT leading big!!!

Democrat National Convention Rapid Response Director Amar Moussa backed up Trump’s attack. Fox News Contributor Guy Benson tweeted a response to the former president, arguing DeSantis was bucking lockdowns before Trump was, and only shut down in the early, unknown days of COVID.


However, Moussa came to Trump’s defense to attack DeSantis, posting one headline about Florida Beach shutdowns in 2020.

One commenter on the post noted what strange bedfellows Trump and Moussa made.

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On the COVID-19 front, Charlie Crist attempted to attack DeSantis along similar lines to no avail during the 2020 midterms.

This was not an isolated incident. Left-wing commentator Dean Obeidallah wrote a CNN article demeaning and attempting to goad DeSantis into responding to Trump. In his tweet advertising the article, Obeidallah even accused DeSantis of being scared of the former president.

“Donald Trump keeps unmercifully pummeling Ron DeSantis but DeSantis won’t fight back. DeSantis is clearly afraid of Trump. At some point the MAGA base will view DeSantis as a COWARD for not “punching back.” My new CNN on DeSantis lack of toughness”

Not to mention that the article itself is full of accusations mirroring Trump’s, like the idea DeSantis has changed his tune on DeSantis. The bizarre left-wing support for the president, or at least sharing a common enemy with DeSantis, echoes the pattern seen in 2016, where left-wingers promoted Trump during the primary, thinking he would be the least threatening option in a general election against Hillary Clinton. We all know how that turned out.

Whether or not the trend continues, and if it does, how it will play out this time, remains to be seen; but whether the alliance is temporary or permanent, it shows DeSantis is perceived as a real threat by many on the left.

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