Randi Weingarten Repeats Hoax About Empty Florida Bookshelves, Twitter Destroys Her

While the American education system plumbs new depths, American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten took to Twitter on Saturday to complain that there isn’t enough pornography in classrooms. Weingarten, an ardent critic of Florida’s education reforms, again attacked Governor Ron DeSantis for his “book banning” and “anti-woke crusade.” Of course, Weingarten chooses to omit the graphic details of what is inside the books being removed from Florida classrooms.

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Several startling reports have been issued this month, signaling the recent collapse of America’s education system. On Feb. 6, Project Baltimore reported that 23 of the city’s schools had a total of zero students testing proficient in mathematics. On Feb. 20, Illinois State Sen. Willie Preston raised alarm bells as 55 of the city’s schools also reported that zero students had tested proficient in math and reading.

But on Feb. 25, self-described public education advocate Randi Weingarten spent her time parroting the usual lies about empty Florida bookshelves and teachers being threatened with felonies.

“[Question:] Did Fla teachers complain of book banning before DeSantis started his ‘anti woke’ crusade? Did we see pictures of tarps over classroom libraries? Were teachers threatened with felonies if they used the “wrong” book?
[Answer]: No.
Now that he is being exposed. Now it’s a hoax.”

Weingarten was responding to a clip republished by Biden propagandist Aaron Rupar. In his speech, DeSantis addressed the “empty bookshelves” hoax.

“What they’re doing. And they’re trying to say that because we have parental rights and because we have curriculum transparency. If you have a book that has hardcore pornography in a library that ten-year-olds can access, a parent objects to that. That does not satisfy Florida standards. It should not be in the library with those young kids. And I think I think 99% of parents agree with that.”

According to the Florida Department of Education, 87% of books are removed from classrooms due to “pornographic, violent or inappropriate for the grade level for some other reason.”

“Parents having a say in what their children read at school is not book banning, Randi. And we both know it,” one commenter wrote.

“The president of the teacher’s union citing Biden’s pet propagandist tells you all you need to know about the diseased state of education,” writer Gordon Kushner said.

“Since your teachers are failing students all across the country, they may not even be able to read the books anyway, right? Why don’t you focus on teaching basics instead of progressive politics? P.S. – Why do you ban replies?”

Weingarten’s AFT affiliates were some of the leading voices against reopening schools nationwide, keeping lockdown orders imposed on students long after the rest of America had abandoned them. The AFT’s Chicago affiliate said, “The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.”

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While American schools tank under the guidance of advocates like Weingarten, Florida schools are flourishing. U.S. News and World Report ranked Florida’s education system as the third strongest in the nation, behind Massachusetts and New Jersey.

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