Rally Friday in Palm Beach County to overturn 2020 election

A flier has been circulating online publicizing an election integrity rally Friday at the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Election’s office in West Palm Beach.

It doesn’t say who the organizers are. I’ve made several inquiries to find out but never heard back.

There are two versions of the rally flier, a short version, and a more extended version.

The longer flier urges the TTT Trumpsterz Tuesday Therapy group members to attend, but it’s not clear if TTT is the organizer.

According to a Republican Party source, TTT is a pro-Trump group that meets every Tuesday in the county’s North end.

TTT has a private group page on Facebook and a website.


Both fliers claim to have enough evidence of election fraud in Palm Beach County during the 2020 election cycle to “set aside” the results and “hold it anew.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume they mean the presidential election, but I can’t be sure.

By all accounts, unlike other counties and states, the 2020 election was pretty smooth in Palm Beach County, so I’m curious what evidence exists to back up this assertion.

‘Great’ Election Day in Palm Beach County with no major equipment or harassment issues, officials say

Roughly 75% of registered voters in Palm Beach County have cast their ballots –WPTV





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