Rachel Levine Declares ‘Summer of Pride,’ Launches New LGBT Show

An entire month-long celebration is no longer enough for the LGBT community, says transgender Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine. In a new video released on the official HHS Instagram account, the Biden appointee declared a new “Summer of Pride,” which he plans to commemorate with a new digital series published by the department.

“Happy Pride! Happy Pride Month, and actually, let’s declare it a summer of Pride. Happy Summer of Pride,” Levine said in the video.

Levine, the highest-ranking transgender official in the US government, says he intends on “celebrating” pride “all summer long.”

 “Today officially marks the 1st Day of Summer. All summer long we will be celebrating the ‘Summer of Pride,’ I see it as an opportunity for change in our communities, states & nation. It will take us all, but together we can create a wave of change. Let the ‘Summer of Pride’ begin!”

According to a statement from the department, the new series will be released on their Instagram account, featuring unstructured interviews between the trans official and various LGBTQ activists.

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According to a report by Fox News, the first video in the series, posted Wednesday, featured transgender activist Ryan Cassata for a conversation about the “challenges” of being trans in America and why it is “more difficult than ever” to identify as trans.

When the conversation turned towards access to “gender-affirming care” or sex reassignment surgeries and hormone therapies, Levine said that access to the procedures for “youth and adults” was as medically necessary as “suicide prevention care.”

“We often say that gender-affirming care is health care, gender-affirming care is mental healthcare, and gender-affirming care is literally suicide prevention care,” ~ HHS Asst. Secretary Rachel Levine

Levine, who is biologically male, underwent sex reassignment surgery and began identifying as a woman in 2011. He was previously married to Martha Peaslee-Levine, with whom he shares a son and a daughter. The couple divorced in 2013.

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Shortly after the video was posted, several conservative commentators gave input on the state-endorsed “Summer of Pride.”

“Reminder that this person as Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary forced nursing homes in the state to accept covid patients right after taking his mother out of one and then got a promotion from Joe Biden to talk about the importance of mutilating your children,” digital strategist Greg Price tweeted in response.

“This is sickening. The dude in a miniskirt was married to a woman for years and today enjoys being a father to the children his wife gave birth to. Yet he’s now on a mission to sterilize kids using the sickening lie that putting kids on a dangerous path to mutilation and sexual disfunction is suicide prevention. He should be in jail.” ~ Julie Gunlock [@JGunlock]

“A man in a skirt who has said he’s happy he didn’t get his wang chopped off so he could have his own children, saying he’s for chopping other kids’ genitals off,” host Dave Rubin tweeted, referencing a 2o19 interview where Levine said he was glad he did not transition until after he had his children.

“I have no regrets because if I had transitioned when I was younger, then I wouldn’t have my children. I can’t imagine a life without my children,” Levine said.

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