‘QAnon Shaman’ Rages at Matt Gaetz During AmericaFest

“QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley is accusing Rep. Matt Gaetz of “cowardice” after getting snubbed by the Florida Republican at a conservative conference over the weekend.

Chansley, a U.S. Navy veteran, was released from prison last March after being convicted of “violent entry” for his role in the January 6 Capitol riot. He had spent 27 months behind bars at the time of his early release.

Known for his fur headdress and red-white-and-blue face paint, the “shaman” is now running for Congress in Arizona’s 8th district as a Libertarian candidate. While attending the “AmericaFest” conference in Phoenix over the weekend, Chansley attempted to talk with Rep. Gaetz but was reportedly ignored.

Chansley did not react well to being blown off, evidenced by later social media posts.

“So [Matt Gaetz] doesn’t care AT ALL about J6ers! WATCH AS HE IGNORES ME TWICE when I ask for a pic & a chance to talk!” Chansley posted to X on Monday, along with a video of the encounter.

“He THEN went on stage & talked about the plight of J6ers, RIGHT AFTER HE INTENTIONALLY IGNORED ME & my request to speak & get a photo!”

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Chansley also accused Gaetz of “stealing” ideas from his platform, including single bill voting, term limits, and a ban on stock trading by Congressman–all proposals that Gaetz has campaigned on for years.

“THIS IS WHERE I CALL OUT [Matt Gaetz] for stealing MY CAMPAIGN PLATFORM after my Newsmax interview on Nov. 13th shortly thereafter HE proposed ‘his Anti-Corruption Plan’ THAT 3 of the main ideas in MY CAMPAIGN PLATFORM! I THINK HE KNEW I was gonna ask him about it! COWARDICE!!!”

A video posted by Chansley shows him following Gaetz through AmericaFest and shouting after him,

“Freaking coward! These are the people representing to Americans, they can’t even speak to an American […] He can’t talk to me, won’t even talk to me! These are big names claiming that they’re for the little guy getting screwed by the big machine and he will not talk to me!”

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Following the confrontation, Gaetz told Newsweek that his behavior was nothing personal and that he was simply trying not to “confuse” any of his supporters living in Chansley’s district.

“Sometimes people running for office seek a photo with me to use in their campaigns,” Gaetz wrote in a statement published by the outlet. “Mr. Chansley is running for Congress against Republicans and does not have my support. I didn’t want to confuse my supporters in that district.”

Several Republicans have currently launched bids for Arizona’s 8th congressional seat, including former U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters and former candidate for Arizona Attorney General Abe Hamadeh.

Since his arrest, Chansley has disavowed QAnon and says he is no longer a supporter of former President Donald Trump. During a court-ordered psychological evaluation in May 2021, Chansley claimed to be “directly related to Jesus and Buddha.”

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