Zero evidence of threats to Palm Beach County School Board

The high of victimhood and the power it bestows is just too much for Palm Beach County School Board members to resist. They fear for their lives over threats that don’t seem to have happened.

Like many school boards around the country, the PBC School Board has abused its power since COVID began.

When a group of people with a bit of power treat the public like dirt, the people usually respond in kind.

Threats of violence are wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated, but calling elected officials names, even vulgar ones, is a time-honored way to deal with politicians.

After a two-and-a-half-month wait, a resident finally got an answer to her freedom of information request from the school board. There were a total of eight communications deemed as threatening for October 2021 “all communication that was deemed as threatening and was received by any PBC School School Board Member in October 2021.” Public Records Management Office School District of Palm Beach County.

I’ve redacted the worst vulgarities, but readers can use their imagination. Using vulgar language isn’t effective in politics, but concerned citizens often use it to vent frustration. I’ve been called every name in the book. It’s part of politics. You live with it.

What’s amusing is that in October 2021, all eight of the messages “deemed as threatening” were not threatening, and they were all sent to a single board member.

According to the Public Records Office, the most unqualified and arrogant person ever to sit on the board, Alexandria Ayala, was the only one who received any of these messages.

Yes, a few of the messages used inappropriate, insulting, and ineffective language, but not a single threat. The Nazi mask for Ayala is, of course, over the top, overused, offensive, and inaccurate.


Besides, I see Ayala as more of a Mao Zedong cultural revolutionist or a Khmer Rouge kind of gal. Ayala is the one who dared to say, “It is a privilege to address your public officials and to be in this chamber.” There could have been threats made before or after October 2021, but there is currently no proof to substantiate the allegations made by our school board members.

If the School board has proof of threats against their safety, release the information yourselves because getting anything out of the PBCSD Records office is like trying to find out something from the KGB.

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