Pro-DeSantis Super PAC Opens Up Cannons on Trump

A super PAC supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis released a television ad for the first time, attacking former President Donald Trump on Sunday, pushing back on Trump’s aggression toward DeSantis.

The ad “Fight Democrats, not Republicans” begins by questioning Trump’s priorities.


“Donald Trump is being attacked by a Democrat prosecutor in New York. So why is he spending millions attacking the Republican Governor of Florida with lies about Social Security from the Biden-Pelosi playbook?”

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The ad goes on to knock Trump for his “lies” about DeSantis’ position on social security. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the Florida governor, if the made president, would cut social security. However, the ad played a soundbite of DeSantis publicly saying, “We are not going to mess with social security as Republicans.”

Trump attacks stem from DeSantis’ time in the U.S. House. In 2013, DeSantis voted for a resolution that called for the age to qualify for Medicare and Social Security to be raised to 70. However, DeSantis seems to have changed his mind. As recently as March 2023, DeSantis has affirmed that Republicans should not leverage entitlement programs regarding budget negotiations in D.C.

Shortly after, it showed a clip of Trump agreeing at a World Economic Forum function that entitlements, such as Medicare, would be on the table for reform “at some point,” promising to “take a look.”

One observer on Twitter pointed out that Trump held a position similar to DeSantis’s, although Trump seems to have also changed his mind.

The ad closed with a clear message.

“Trump should fight Democrats, not lie about Governor DeSantis.”

It should be noted that DeSantis has not yet declared a presidential run for 2024. The Never Back Down PAC that produced the ad is not connected to the Governor but is calling on him to run. The PAC isn’t alone; despite the Republican primary field filling up, DeSantis is still generally seen as the biggest threat to Trump’s nomination.

This, however, has not been the PAC’s only anti-Trump ad, releasing a video on April 14th to rip Trump on his gun control positions.

“Trump promised @NRA members he’d have their back. But when #2A rights came under attack, Trump abandoned us and sided with liberal Democrats in support of gun control,” the Tweet reads.

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The clip was made up of multiple soundbites of Trump talking about his occasional resistance to the NRA, his support for red flag laws, an increase in minimum gun ownership age, and his belief that dangerous individuals should have their firearms removed before trial. The ad also ran a graphic showing the names of different democrats Trump shares ground with on some of his gun regulation policies.

The ad went so far as to say, “Trump cut and run like a coward” and that he’s a “gun grabber” that “doesn’t deserve a second chance.”

However, other observers pointed out that the NRA received Trump warmly at a recent event and even supported red flag laws.

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