Preserving Our Nation’s Backbone: The Crucial Fight for the Rule of Law

In 30 years, I haven’t met a BIZPAC member yet who does not believe that the Rule of Law is one of the sturdiest pillars in the structural integrity of this nation’s foundation. Or of any nation’s foundation. Without it, a democratic republic violates itself and heads for oblivion.

The Rule of Law, with origins in ancient Greece, has not only been one of the major factors in America’s greatness, it’s one main reasons for our worldwide economic and political leadership in modern times. The American Declaration of Independence is essentially a document complaining about the decrees and rule of one man against the American colonies: England’s King George III.

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The U.S. Rule of Law, enshrined in our Constitution, is based on the fundamental doctrine that the individual is sovereign. Individuals band together and, using due process, make a body of laws agreed to by all. The individual is the master of government, and laws are not issued by some king, dictator, or tyrant. The “king,” with his flaws and whims, is not the law; the Rule of Law is king. A Founding Father observed that the Rule of Law means, “There shall be one rule of Justice for the rich and the poor; for the favorite in Court, and the Countryman at the plow.” But through much of history, rulers governed through fear, and government justice went no further than the point of a sword.

This rule is a principle under which all persons, institutions, and entities are accountable to publicly promulgated laws, equally enforced, independently adjudicated, and consistent with international human rights principles. Its doctrines safeguard against arbitrary governance, clearly described in our founding documents. Selective enforcement, sometimes practiced by leftist politicians— especially state attorneys— is an absolute violation of the Rule of Law because it allows persons to decide which laws will be ignored and which will not.

So today, let’s not forget how the political left has gone to war against the Rule of Law.

Here’s the truth; there are too many good-for-nothings “out there” who strongly believe that the entire American structure needs to be torn down before they can force their socialist/communist system on America. They believe Karl Marx, who bellowed, “Socialism is the road to communism.” These are the people who abhor the Rule of Law, one of their tools is violent protests, and if they had absolute power, they would set up the guillotine, as they did in France.

To keep that from happening, these destructive no-accounts need to be challenged. And they do not need to be treated gently. They need a hard “proportionate” taste of what they dish out because some people don’t learn their lesson unless it’s a hard lesson.

The Rule of Law forms the sturdy backbone of any flourishing society. As we witness lawlessness spread in our blue cities, and criminals running rampant, we are standing at the precipice of anarchy and pervasive fear. For the love of our country and our shared future, we must uphold and protect the sanctity of the Rule of Law. The destiny of America depends on it.

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