Portland College To Offer ‘Child Gender Development’ Training For Pre-K Teachers

A Portland liberal arts college now offers a “gender diversity certificate program” for teachers to better support “trans-spectrum children,” beginning with Pre-K classrooms. The Lewis & Clark College online program lays out four graduate-level courses addressing topics such as “transmisogyny” and “child gender development.” The program website says its certificates are available for “school teachers, administrators, counselors… PK-12 support service providers [and] early-childhood providers.”

The full title of the certificate program is Gender Diversity in Children and Youth: History, Science, Society, and the Implementation of Inclusive and Affirming Policy and Practice.

A summary description on the website, which is posted up right next to an image of a toddler, describes the course as,

A 9 month online program preparing participants to better support trans-spectrum children, youth, and adults — providing the groundwork needed to act as an agent of change within PK-12 educational systems and youth serving organizations.

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A complete outline of the certificate program describes it as the “first of its kind” in equipping PK-12 educators to be “advocates for change” and  eliminate “destructive gender role stereotypes.”

“This certificate provides comprehensive graduate continuing education coursework specific to understanding the scope of gender diversity, intersectional challenges and considerations, and the need for educators and other professionals working in youth serving roles to be both allies and advocates for the elimination of arbitrary and destructive gender role stereotypes.

The first of its kind in the country, this program prepares participants to actively engage within classrooms, school boards, and communities regarding curriculum review/development, policies and practice, and social justice advocacy related to gender diversity in children and youth. Participants will gain an increased awareness and understanding of how natural human gender diversity impacts their lives, and the lives of those around them, and be better prepared to act as an advocates for change.”

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The program includes four courses totaling eight graduate school credits. One course, “Patriarchy, Transmisogyny, and the Science of Human Diversity,” claims that 7 percent of children aged seven or younger are “transgender and otherwise gender diverse.”

“This course will examine how patriarchal early socio-cultural interpretation of sex and gender roles were established and then institutionalized by both Abrahamic religious text dating back more than three millenia…

We will also focus on the science that influences and impacts prenatal physiologic sex differentiation and brain development related to establishment of individual identity. Multiple studies show that by age 7, transgender and otherwise gender diverse children (approx. 7% of all children) are aware of the ways in which their identity and expression is different from that of their cisgender peers.”

Other courses included in the curriculum are “Child and Adolescent Gender Development,” “Intersectional Discrimination and Disinformation in the U.S.,” and “From Policy to Practice: Protecting Student/Staff Rights.”

Lewis & Clark Graduate School’s website says the program will launch in late September, with a cohort of 20 students per year.

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