Poll: Majority of Americans Want Pride Pandering, Child Indoctrination to End

A new Summit Industries and McLaughlin & Associates poll found that just under a supermajority of Americans have an issue with LGBT themes and practices, such as drag and trans ideology, among other things, being taught to young children.

Questioning “Americans who have an opinion on the issue,” a massive 61 percent of respondents reported that they believed it hurt children’s “emotional and psychological development.”

Summit’s CEO, who helped conduct the 1,000-respondent poll, commented on the results.

“We’ve suspected for a long time that most Americans think it hurts kids when the culture sexualizes them in the name of left-wing progressivism. This poll reveals that the vast majority of voters share this concern. While most Americans are rightfully suspicious of the claims that proponents of drag shows, transgenderism, and LGBTQ+ themes are just trying to help kids, this polling confirms what we’ve seen in our research—some social media platforms are being used more than others to normalize the early sexualization of kids.” ~Summit.org CEO Dr. Jeff Myers

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With a 95 percent confidence interval and a 3.5 percent margin of error, the data almost certainly reflects reality: Americans are tired of LGBT and pride pandering.

The Summit and McLaughlin & Associates poll aren’t alone. Similar polling from the same organization and stats giant Pew Research Center shows a general shift to the right on LGBT issues.

Another 1,000-respondent poll shows that 73 percent of Americans prefer to shop at politically and culturally neutral businesses – something that has been nearly impossible to find in the wake of pride month.

Other polling tells a similar story. As of May 2022, 60 percent of Americans believe that gender is assigned at birth – meaning that one can only be, or “identify as,” male or female. The figure is up five points from similar polling in 2017, in which 54 percent of respondents believed gender was assigned at birth.

Moreover, Gallup polling shows that 63 percent of Americans believe same-sex relations are morally acceptable. While a high number, it is a stark change from the 71 percent that felt the same just last year.

In other words, “pride” month and the advance of the LGBT movement into young children’s schools has, in just one year, soured the opinions many hold toward same-sex relations and radical-left gender theory.

Observers on Twitter had a range of reactions to the souring opinions on business and the LGBT movement. One user argued that the movement had good intentions with a “wholesome show of pride” but had been corrupted by radical-left politics.

Others said the intentions behind the show of pride were less “wholesome,” arguing that the movement and the business behind it were intentionally attacking America’s “real culture and values.”

“They know it’s harmful and that’s the exact point. Ppl would feel much different if they thought… these corps actually thought they had good intentions which they obviously DO NOT. So sick of the endless charades and the MEGALOMANIACS attacking REAL CULTURE&VALUES. f*ck [Bud Light].” ~@WhimsyQuest on Twitter

Despite the smokescreen set up by left-wing controlled legacy media and its supporters, the message provided by the polling is clear: Americans are no longer going to let themselves or their children be subject to LGBT “pride” and the agenda that underlies it.

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