Poll: DeSantis Viewed More Favorably Than Trump, MTG in Her Own District

A new poll shared by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA, reveals that Ron DeSantis is the most favorable Republican leader in her district, beating out Speaker McCarthy and former president Donald Trump for the top spot. While all of the GOP figures reportedly “remain wildly popular” in the R+22 district, the Florida governor took home the highest net favorability by a wide margin. Trump, however, remains the most likely to win the district, according to the survey.

Greene published the poll Thursday on Twitter, touting her popularity among likely Republican primary voters in the district. The National Public Affairs consulting group conducted the survey.

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According to NPA’s findings, DeSantis was ranked most favorable with 81 percent approval, with 73 percent net favorability among Republican voters in GA-14. Former president Donald Trump placed second, with 76 percent approval and 55 percent net favorability. Both Marjorie Taylor Greene and Speaker Kevin McCarthy polled 70 percent approval.

Poll GA-14


In a breakdown of the leading 2024 Republican primary candidates, however, NPA says that Trump is still the favorite to win.

“[D]espite both candidates having nearly 100%, and almost unanimously positive, image ratings, President Trump is overwhelmingly favored to be the 2024 GOP nominee in GA-14,” the NPA wrote in a memo.
When GA-14 Republican primary voters were asked who they planned to vote for, Donald Trump was favored by 12 points, leading DeSantis by 41 to 29 percent. The NPA noted that the next runner-up, Nikki Haley trailed at just 5 percent support.

While DeSantis has not yet declared as a candidate for the 2024 election, competition with the former president has intensified in recent months. Most polling has been favorable to Donald Trump over the past week, including an Emerson poll which showed Trump edging out DeSantis by 3 points among Florida primary voters. Both GOP frontrunners are residents of Florida.

DeSantis has attempted to make inroads at several early GOP primary states, visiting Iowa and Nevada this month to promote his new book and boost his national profile. DeSantis has touted his success at turning Florida into a Republican stronghold, calling for his example to be used as a “blueprint” for America.

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“I said you got to go on offense. You can’t just sit back and play defense,” DeSantis told a crowd of nearly 1,000 attendees in Nevada.

“In the state of Florida, we can say we came, we saw and we have left the Democratic Party for dead.”

More recently, however, Trump has attempted to discredit DeSantis’ work as governor, claiming that he inherited an already thriving state,
“You had a governor named Rick Scott who did a very good job. Even Charlie Crist, a Democrat, did a good job, but he had very good numbers.”
Florida lawmakers are reportedly dreading what seems to be an inevitable head-to-head between the two GOP titans. When asked by Politico who he would support in a primary, freshman Florida congressman Aaron Bean reportedly compared the decision to Sophie’s Choice. Others say they have already made up their minds but refuse to name which candidate they are supporting. “Do you think I want to talk about that? You think I’m crazy?” one unnamed lawmaker told the news outlet.

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