Poll: 49 Percent of Americans Will Go 3rd Party if Biden & Trump Rematch

A NewsNation/DDHQ poll from Tuesday reveals that just under half of Americans – 49 percent – would support a “third party” candidate if President Trump and President Biden compete in a 2024 rematch.

With Joe Biden dominating the Democratic field and Donald Trump holding a commanding 34-point lead over runner-up Ron DeSantis, according to FiveThirtyEight aggregate polling, a rematch between the two is almost certainly inevitable.

Respondents who preferred a third-party candidate were also asked who they would vote for instead of the Republican or Democratic nominee. Twenty-one percent said Bernie Sanders, Ten percent Liz Cheney, seven percent Joe Manchin, and a plurality forty-three percent – said another candidate.

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With Bernie Sanders being the leading “independent” candidate, it appears that, despite polling, the Democratic party is not united in support of President Biden being on the 2024 ticket.

Fox News host Jesse Watters commented on how the radical wing of the Democratic party has been consistently subverted by the moderates – making the socialist supporters of the Democrats more willing to vote third party.

Despite the wishes of the socialist voting bloc, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has already endorsed Biden and likely knows better than to run after being allegedly cheated out of the nomination twice by the party.

Not since Ross Perot’s reform party campaign in 1996 has a non-Democrat or Republican had a serious chance of winning the White House. Perot would win 20% of the popular vote in 1992 but would ultimately be nowhere near the 270 electoral votes he needed to take the presidency.

More often than not, third parties like the Libertarian Party wreak havoc on the right wing by funneling much-needed votes away from Republican candidates. Such could very well be the case in 2024, as Liz Cheney, one of President Trump’s most vocal critics and a January 6th Select Committee member, refused to rule out the possibility of running as a third-party candidate.

“Look, I think that we have to have good people, and I don’t know yet what that is going to look like. But, I’m not going to rule it out.” ~Former Representative Liz Cheney

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Onlookers on Twitter pointed out the obvious: the chances of a third-party candidate winning are next to nothing.

“Third party candidates are in it for themselves. As much as I might admire someone like Ralph Nader on a philosophical level, his runs for president changed nothing from any policy standpoint. It diverted votes. It gave screen time. A vanity move.” ~@FRozenLiberal on Twitter

Others pointed to the extremely popular Teddy Roosevelt’s failure to win the presidency as a third-party candidate – further proof that, no matter how popular third-party candidates are, their runs generally take critical votes from one of the major parties.

“If Theodore Rosevelt couldn’t win as a 3rd party candidate, nobody can. Not saying he was the best, but he was a popular president prior to running as a 3rd party.” ~@MarineNMaxRback

The poll results could be good news for Republicans if a left-wing candidate like Joe Manchin manages to split the Democratic ticket and weaken President Biden. With political polarization at an all-time high, however, the odds of a third-party candidate becoming a serious contender are next to nothing.

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