Plastered High Noon Vodka Drinking Man Drives Through Deadly Crash Scene

Florida Man Bryan Morales Perez, 30, is in the Volusia County jail after he drove through a deadly marked crime scene while under the influence of alcohol on, you guessed it, New Year’s Morning.

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At Approximately 2:46 a.m. on Sunday morning, Morales Perez was driving through the city of Deltona on Howland Boulevard and Fort Smith Boulevard when he drove around a marked patrol car with emergency lights on and traffic cones and then went through a taped-off crash scene.

The crime scene was taped off due to a head-on crash that resulted in the death of 24-year-old Brandon Morales just hours earlier. Morales had been traveling south on Howland Boulevard and attempted to turn left onto Fort Smith Boulevard when his car was struck by an oncoming vehicle that was headed north on Howland Boulevard. According to Volusia County deputies, the impact caused Morales’ car to hit another northbound vehicle, this time a pickup truck.

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When officers pulled him over, they saw a half-empty can of High Noon Vodka in the cup holder. After failing a field sobriety test, Morales Perez was transported to the DUI testing center and took a breathalyzer test, resulting in a blow of .180 and .173 g/210L, which is over twice the legal alcohol limit in Florida.

Folks, let me tell you. I have almost been run over a few times by impaired drivers. It seems they are attracted to the flashing emergency lights. My department had impaired drivers crashing into the rear of police cars and even big ole firetrucks, all because the emergency lights were operating.

Morales Perez was charged with driving under the influence .15 or higher and resisting an officer without violence. He was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail and released shortly after he posted $1,500 bail.

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