Planned Parenthood Banned In Canadian Province-Exposed Students to Extreme Sex Acts

The Canadian Province of Saskatchewan has been receiving praise from the public after they recently banned Planned Parenthood from schools throughout their entire province.

This all started when Planned Parenthood Regina in Saskatchewan taught a school-approved seminar to Grade 9 students at Lumsden High School. After this seminar, the mostly 14-year-old students were offered an ‘A to Z’ guide that included descriptions of extreme sex acts.

Upon learning about the guide, many parents brought their concerns to the Prairie Valley School Division. After more people became aware, the Saskatchewan Education Minister, Dustin Duncan, announced the suspension of Planned Parenthood from working in all of the region’s schools.

In Duncan’s declaration, he stated that this material was ‘completely inappropriate to be in a classroom and has no part of being in a classroom.’ A Prairie Valley School Division spokesperson echoed those thoughts, saying that the material presented was ‘inappropriate’ and they have asked Planned Parenthood to remove it from ‘future school presentations.’

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Some of the terms used in the A to Z guide included controversial terms such as ‘quickie’ and ‘kink’; each term had its own definition and cartoon visual of the sexual term being performed.

Some of these terms were extremely bizarre – one of the terms being ‘Cathodillia’ – defined as ‘being attracted to one’s television set.’ Every definition gave odd descriptions to the sexual act, with the definition of ‘Cathodillia’ describing the TV as a ‘hot little box’ that is ‘always obedient.’ Many of the terms used in the guide are too graphic to be described in this article.

The controversial ‘A to Z’ guide – intended for gay, bi, and queer young people’ – was not referred to in the presentation, but it was ‘available at a side table after the presentation.’

Planned Parenthood Regina, which Executive Director Julian Wotherspoon leads, said in a statement that the material was not supposed to be at the school – despite it being in full view on a side table after the presentation – and that they apologized for their antics.

Earlier this week, our staff had the opportunity to engage the bright and curious students of Lumsden High School on the topics of contraception, STBBI prevention, and consent, As part of our education and outreach programs, we also bring along secondary materials targeted to address specific questions that youth may have about sex, sexuality, and their health. At this visit, a resource the school did not approve ended up in the hands of a student. Planned Parenthood Regina apologizes for the difficult position that our Prairie Valley School Division partners have been put in as a result of this incident.

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Many people on Twitter reacted to this news, praising the school administration and the Education Minister for their swift decision-making.

Other users asked why the left is so dedicated to sexualizing kids.

One user went as far as to declare that pedophilia will become the norm due to their presence throughout the LGBTQ community.

It is unclear if any other province will react the same way as the Saskatchewan province did.

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