Pittsburgh School System Says ‘Meritocracy & American Dream… Rooted in Whiteness’

Continuing the trend of left-wing public school indoctrination, the Pittsburgh Public School District – the second largest in the state of Pennsylvania – is building the human infrastructure necessary to indoctrinate children in Critical Race Theory (CRT), a derivative of contemporary Marxist teachings that are used to cultivate anti-white racism and an anti-meritocratic ethos.

Specifically, the school is introducing new training and curriculum for teachers that argue America is “systematically racist” and that all of its institutions exist to perpetuate disparities between white and non-white residents. One particular excerpt from the curriculum claims that the American Dream is “rooted in whiteness” and, rather than asking students if racism exists, tells students that America is racist and asks them to explain its depth.

“Meritocracy and the American Dream narrative are rooted in whiteness. In what ways is racism embedded in practices, policies, and laws?” ~Excerpt from the Pittsburgh Public School District Cirriculum

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The new 20-day curriculum is based on the writings of far-left activist Ibram X. Kendi, author of “Antiracist Baby” and “Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.” The introductory paragraph of the new CRT course reads:

“Dear educator: Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds and Dr. Ibram X. Kendi exlplores the legacy of racism throughout the
entire history of the United States of America. Further, it spotlights the work of antiracists and those who have resisted the racist
ideas and policies that shape this nation.”

A PDF of the CRT curriculum, which includes scheduled “antiracist” coursework, is shown below.


The move is likely a result of Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro’s new “educator guidelines,” which require aspiring teachers to recognize “inequities and institutional biases” before being eligible for a license. In other words, Pennsylvania Democrats have made conformity to CRT a prerequisite to having a job as an educator.

“Antiracism requires a commitment to lifelong learning. One does not ‘arrive’ at a place where new learning is no longer necessary.  While taking in information about race and racism is only one part of the antiracist’s journey, antiracist action cannot occur without deep learning and reflection.  Here, we provide resources to support and sustain the development of a racial and equity consciousness for central administration, school-based educators and leaders, parents and family, and students — offering links to articles, videos, webinars, guides, podcasts, and comprehensive web sites for you to access on your own or with a learning community.  We invite each individual to enter at whatever developmental stage.” ~Pittsburgh Public School District

While Democrats have focused on turning public schools into left-wing echo chambers, American education has fallen dangerously behind its competitors, particularly in the inner cities. A 2022 national aggregation of performance on standardized tests reveals that a supermajority of American youth – approximately 66 percent – are not proficient in math, reading, or language arts.

With ideological conformity now considered more important than performance, America faces its third consecutive year of declining proficiency and abysmal test scores.

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