PETA Founder Wants Her Corpse Cut Up, Pieces Mailed & Eaten According to Insane Will

Ingrid Newkirk, the founder, and president of radical animal “liberation” group PETA, recently announced bizarre and shocking changes she’s made to her will. Among other things, Newkirk wants her lips sent to the president of the United States, her neck sent to the newly-crowned King Charles III, and her presumably flayed skin forwarded to the British Ministry of Defence.

Perhaps most shocking on the list is the request for her flesh to be eaten in a “human barbeque.” The PETA founder said the disgusting display would convince people to stop eating meat.

“Flesh is flesh, and mine is given, not taken. The thought of carving up human flesh for steaks might be just the thing to jolt diners into kindness.” ~Ingrid Newkirk

Newkirk and an associate founded “People for Ethical Treatment of Animals” in 1980 and have since gained notoriety for their comparatively fanatic tactics.

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Newkirk is no stranger to controversial behavior and often-incomprehensible rationale. On her Twitter page, the activist urges supporters to interrupt dinner and show a relatively unmoving picture of a pig to people who “eat bacon.”

Ingrid also seems to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist, arguing that “big turkey” – which, like the term “big tobacco,” implies a large and politically influential industry – controls the actions of the American government. Ingrid’s aforementioned desire to send her lips to the US president comes from a desire for the government to “stop kissing up to the turkey industry.” Her statement is presumably referring to the harmless – and, at best, ethical – annual tradition of pardoning a Thanksgiving Turkey.

“On his deathbed, they asked Bob Hope where he wanted to be buried and he replied ‘Surprise me.’ In my case, when I die I hope to keep on surprising those who harm animals, provoking conversation about speciesism, and campaigning against animal abuse.” ~Ingrid Newkirk

PETA released an official statement supporting the decision of its president where it argued that her self-mutilation desires were equivalent to “tiger rugs” and “elephant-foot umbrella stands.”

“As a child, Newkirk saw many elephant-foot umbrella stands—as well as tiger rugs and other atrocities created from the remains of animals—in Delhi. May this be a reminder of the needless depravity of killing innocent animals, such as elephants, so that their body parts can be used by speciesist humans for unnecessary household items and decorations… You can be dead sure that Newkirk will keep leaping ahead of the Grim Reaper.”

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PETA would release a more graphic and detailed explanation of Newkirk’s desired will, which is shown below.

Graphic summarizing the will of PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk. Photo from @peta on Twitter.


Even organizations the activist likes aren’t spared from her macabre last wishes. PETA would post another graphic elaborating even more “requests,” including the sending of its president’s thumb “since their circus, long a source of animal misery, is now animal free.”


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