Parents Know Best – New Parental Rights Bill 2.0 Will Pass With Flying Colors

The legislature is sending a clear message to Floridians this session. The people voted for a  Republican super majority; they say parents know best, not school bureaucrats.

The Parental Rights in Education bill, known by opponents as “Don’t Say Gay 2.0,” is one of the most hotly contested bills. Today HB 1069, sponsored by Republican State Representative Stan McClain and prime cosponsored by Representative Adam Anderson, will pass along party lines. 

Republican State Representative Stan McClain is the sponsor for HB 1069, expanding on the Parental Rights in Education bill.

The current law, as of 2022, prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in pre-kindergarten through third grade. The new law, HB 1069, combines what would have been two bills. One sponsored by Rep Anderson would extend the current law, which applies to pre-kindergarten through third grade, through eighth grade. The other is Rep McClain’s bill, dubbed by opponents as the “Don’t Say Period” bill, which deals with transparency in school reading and learning materials.

Books like It’s Perfectly Normal probably, won’t be allowed in Florida schools. Parents can share books like this with their children at home when or if they choose to.

This bill increases transparency in how school districts select and use educational materials and school libraries. It empowers parents to protect their kids by making parents part of the process and allowing them to object.  Materials subject to objection will include descriptions of sexual conduct-not, just pornography. 

Representative McClain says;

Parents have the right to know what books are in their children’s libraries and what they are learning. Teachers need to assess whether or not they, as the adult making book selection decisions, would be comfortable reading aloud the material in a public meeting. If they would be embarrassed to read it to a crowd of people, that’s a good guideline for deciding not to teach it. -Representative Stan McClain

This bill also ensures that reproductive health education covers biologically accurate information. The Department of Education will approve all course material. Parents will now be able to object to materials they deem inappropriate. A special magistrate will be appointed, and parents will be on this committee. Parents will be part of this process every step of the way. 

Representative Anderson and Representative McClain debated HB 1069 on the House floor.

There’s much confusion over pronouns these days. Many of you probably don’t even know some pronouns people use these days, such as zir and yo. This bill prevents school employees and students from being coerced into using “preferred personal titles and pronouns.” No one in schools can discriminate or retaliate against students for not providing their preferred pronouns. In other words, school administrators and teachers can’t ask students these questions. Whatever the biological gender of a person is, that’s what will be used. 

This book was found in the first-grade section of the Palm Beach County school library.

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Representative McClain is a father and grandfather. He has eleven children. He cares deeply about parental rights and what children are being exposed to. He wants to ensure parents can discuss sensitive topics with their children before schools do. Parents have the right to influence their children with their values and ideas.

One of the misconceptions about this bill is that discussions about puberty will no longer be allowed in schools. Woke media has misrepresented this.

Representative McClain gave Jolt the real story;

When I was questioned in committee about how the bill would impact girls starting their menstrual cycle, I should have answered the questions with more clarity. In closing remarks, I made it clear that if the bill in any way impacts girls dealing with this situation, I will do what I need to do to amend the bill.

The media has made it appear like I’m a man with no interaction or sensitivity toward what all women go through. I have a mother, sister, wife, daughters, and granddaughters. I am surrounded by incredible women for whom I have the utmost respect. -Representative Stan McClain

Some objections concerning this bill have to do with vague bill language. Opponents want more clarification about what is appropriate and what isn’t. 

As Rep McClain explained to Jolt;

HB 1069 encourages the opportunity for kids to be kids, something that is getting harder and harder to accomplish in our society today. Our kids don’t need to be exposed to books that can’t even be read at a school board meeting. -Representative Stan McClain

As many legislators have said, no law is perfect. If they were, no laws would ever be changed, and there would be no need for a legislature. No law can make everyone happy, but this aligns with most Floridians’ desires. 

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The bottom line is that Florida residents want significant changes to our education system. The choice is for school administrators to decide what’s best for children or for parents to decide. This session, a bill regarding school vouchers for all children has passed because parents want school choice. A bill to make school board elections partisan will be on the next ballot. Parents want high-quality education minus woke ideology and want to know what their children are taught. These critical new laws empower all Floridians. 

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