Palm Beach State Student Threatens Mass Shooting, Threatens Governor DeSantis

Palm Beach State student Saul Allain Jean, 24, of Miami is in jail after threatening a mass shooting at Palm Beach State College’s Boca Raton campus.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office stated that one of their detectives was dispatched to the college in reference to a threat made by Jean.

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During the investigation, it was learned that Jean made numerous posts on the Left Wing website were he threatened to shoot up the school. The messages also included rants on gun control, active shooter targets, and threats against Florida Governor DeSantis. One of Jean’s posts read like this:

“For all the future terrorists/school shooters, your targets should be people at the beach. The beaches. A great place is Haulover beach. Oh, and target DeSantis. If you’re fed up with how Florida politics are, target DeSantis. If you are in high school, and you hate society and the community for what it is. Actually, if your high school is close to DeSantis’ governor mansion, do it.”

Apparently, Jean was serious about his plan and wanted everyone to know his identity as he posted his Florida drivers license as well as his School Identification card on the site.

Another post read:


One of the posts even showed Jean’s bank Balance of $1,407.95 with the comment:

“Y’all forgot that I got enough to buy a gun, right? Who Selling and AR-15! Ain’t going down to hell by myself. i’m dragging yo ass down there with me.”

He also posted:

 “F–k you. F–k Gun Control. There’s a reason why terrorist attacks happen.  It’s the f—–g federal government.”  Investigators said this post contained a photo with a caption that read, “people like me get tired of the f—–g federal government targeting us. Individuals who have not done a thing. Until we are pushed to our extreme limit. So if I end up killing/murdering others. Their deaths are on your hands. Because you don’t know when to f—–g  stop.”

A check with college security showed that Jean attends classes at both the Boca Raton Campus as well as the Lake Worth Campus and the last time Jean was in class was on October 11th at the Boca Raton Campus. Detectives could not confirm which campus was targeted for the shooting.

Jean was tracked down and transported to the Palm Beach County Jail here he is being held on a $1 million bond charged with written threats to kill or do bodily injury, or conduct a mass shooting, or an act of terrorism.

The sheriff’s office also filed a 14-day Risk Protection Order (Red Flag Law) against him for mental health reasons. He’s not allowed to have any contact with any schools, he has to stay away from all weapons, and he’s due back in court on November 14th

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