Palm Beach Post’s latest attempt to smear Dave Aronberg fails

The Palm Beach Post has been trying to smear Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg for over ten years and continuously failed.

Aronberg and Cookie
Dave Aronberg and Cookie

They failed again recently when the Post and the Miami Herald tried to get a Broward judge to unseal the testimony of Aronberg’s ex-wife, Lynn Aronberg, in a criminal case where her involvement was as a witness. The judge denied their motion to unseal the testimony on Friday, August 5th.

The testimony contained intimate details about Aronberg’s marital relations with his former wife.

Aronberg is not involved in the case and has not been called as a witness.

The legacy media outlets tried to pretend there was some public right to know about Ms. Aronberg’s testimony because it was a criminal trial. Still, no one I’ve spoken to believed that reason for a minute.

No, this was about failing legacy media outlets trying to humiliate and intimidate a public official.

Broward County Judge Timothy Bailey knows what’s in the file and had this to say when denying the request to unseal it: “There are portions of the deposition – very small – that are confidential in nature, and Mr. Aronberg is entitled to protection,” said Bailey, who read the transcripts before the hour-long hearing.

It’s doubtful Judge Bailey would have kept the file sealed if he thought the file contained evidence worthy of public disclosure.

In a short, exclusive interview with Florida Jolt, Aronberg said:

“Our judicial system should not be used to go fishing for dirt on prosecutors in an attempt to intimidate them. Intimate details of marital relations that have nothing to do with a criminal case should always be off limits. This is an important issue that affects us all, and the court properly protected the right to privacy.” ~Dave Aronberg

Aronberg’s attorney, Michael Dutko, is quoted by The Palm Beach Post as saying:

“It’s a bullying tactic,” Dutko said of the defense team’s attempt to reveal information that would only embarrass Aronberg.

The Florida Bulldog has an excellent post, Florida Bulldog joins fight to unseal Everglades Foundation file, which contains a possible explanation for the Post’s latest attempt to drag Aronberg through the mud.

Did you know that Aronberg is in active litigation with the Palm Beach Post?

Probably not, because Jane Musgrave and the Palm Beach Post think they’re above disclosing conflicts of interest.

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The Florida Bulldog exposed the Post’s lack of ethics:

The Post is also paying a team of lawyers at Greenberg Traurig to continue its unsuccessful efforts to unseal the 2006 grand jury transcripts in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case. A judge rejected the paper’s 2019 lawsuit against Aronberg and the Palm Beach County Clerk of Court to unseal the grand jury transcripts. The Post’s attorneys filed an appeal in June.

Then there is that pesky motion for sanctions that Aronberg has filed against the Post for his attorney fees in defending himself against the paper’s baseless claim that he could somehow unseal the Epstein grand jury transcripts – even though he did not have control, custody or access to the documents.

Aronberg’s motion:

This is the Post’s Jane Musgrave’s latest article on the topic, but it’s behind a paywall, State Attorney Dave Aronberg wins legal battle to keep ex-wife’s deposition secret.

If you can read it and think Musgrave and The Post should have disclosed their ethical conflict, you should probably email her and ask why she didn’t at [email protected].

As an institution, The Palm Beach Post has been viciously hostile to Aronberg for many years. In 2012 I shredded a garbage Post hit piece against Aronberg when I was writing for my previous company, The corruption of Randy Schultz and The Palm Beach Post.

In 2012, I speculated the Post was after Aronberg because they thought he leaked something to the press. Now, the speculation is that Aronberg’s litigation against The Post is the cause.

Aronberg goes on TV a fair amount in his off hours, which the Post has criticized him for. He’s a Democrat in a Democratic county with conservative and Republican friends. Yet, despite his bi-partisan appeal and friendships, there’s no doubt Aronberg is a Democrat who holds Democratic positions and is popular with Democratic voters.

I think the reason the Post is constantly attacking Aronberg is more trivial and petty than I ever thought.

The Post doesn’t like Aronberg because he’s popular, and they’re not.

Full Disclosure: As an undergraduate in 2019, my son worked as an unpaid summer intern with Aronberg’s State Attorney’s office.

Editor’s Note to Jane Musgrave and the Palm Beach Post: Stop cheating your dwindling readers. You owe it to them to disclose any possible conflict of interest, either personal or corporate.

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