Palm Beach Post school board article proves it’s not a newspaper

The legacy state-run Palm Beach Post published an editorial, disguised as news, that tries to influence school board races, hurt republican candidates, Gov. DeSantis, and support the awful Palm Beach County School Board.

Let’s start with the headline, “With Ron DeSantis stoking culture war issues, school boards emerge as major Florida battleground.”

That’s an opinion headline. The only fact in that headline is that school board races are a battleground in Florida, but since school board races have been and are a battleground all over the country, throwing in Gov. DeSantis is a tawdry little attack by cowards who hide behind “news.”

Palm Beach Post Fake News

The writer, John Kennedy, could have had this “news” dictated to him by Democrat operatives. The problem is, that’s not necessary. The writers and editors at the Post are Democrat operatives.

Lingering tensions of the past two years over COVID-19 masking and school openings have become enflamed by new state laws restricting the teaching of sexual identity and racial history, turning school board meetings into battlegrounds in many counties.

See, it’s not that school districts have gone hard-left, neo-racist and are attempting to introduce sexuality to young children who still believe in Santa Claus against their parent’s wishes. It’s that new state laws are stopping the educrats from doing it.

According to Kennedy and the Post, that’s the real problem.

Chris Persaud and Angelique Contreras are two decent people running for school board in Palm Beach County.

The Post’s great info about Persaud is that he was arrested for trespassing while refusing to wear a mask. They leave out that Persaud did so as an act of civil disobedience and employing a tactic used by everyone, from Mahatma Gandhi to the Freedom Riders.

“She was at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, though she says she never went inside and has not been charged with any crime. She is Democratic incumbent Erica Whitfield’s opponent, ” writes Kennedy about Contreras, a weaselly assassin’s sentence if ever there was one.

Notice the “she says” as if the issue is in doubt, and “Democratic incumbent Erica Whitfield’s opponent” Political consultants call that ID-ing your candidate or opponent in a non-partisan race. Candidates themselves cannot tell voters what party they belong to in a non-partisan race. They do, but it’s done by sending out a mailer with your Democrat candidate surrounded by elected Democrats, so partisan Democrats know who the Democrat is.

In Palm Beach County, Democrats in non-partisan races don’t have to bother doing that. The Palm Beach Post does it for them, and the Post knows precisely what they’re doing and the message they’re sending to Democrats.

Almost every sentence is an assault on a free-thinking rational person’s senses, from blaming Desantis for wanting to “quell opposition” to using a quote from the teacher’s union president to accuse DeSantis of attempting to “partisan-ize our public schools.”

Our schools are already “partisan-ized,” and the left did it. The people are finally fighting back, and that’s what the Post doesn’t like.

Palm Beach County school superintendent Mike Burke repeats the technicality that only school board members and their sycophants repeat that the school board didn’t break the law when they were breaking the law.

Ayala meme
School Board member Alexandria Ayala expresses contempt for parents

There’s a focus on some using the word “groomers” to describe people who want to indoctrinate first graders into sexuality, both usual and unusual. I agree that the word groomers is too much, but there’s something seriously wrong and immoral about anyone fighting to do so. Call it what you will.

This dreck goes on and on and ends on a Rodney King type quote probably cajoled from the guy who said it, “We need to come together as a community, not as partisans,”

You can read the Post’s entire fake news piece here.

That ship sailed long ago. Everything is political to the left, and everything is partisan. The only time you’ll ever hear the left ask, “Can’t we all get along?” is when they fear losing.

I want to be very clear about the difference between the weasels at the Palm Beach Post and me. This was my first Post on PBCJolt, We cannot allow the left to destroy Palm Beach County, and it’s linked to on the Jolt “About Us” page. I’m a conservative who works with the reality that I live in a county dominated by democrats. I fight them when I can and work with them when I have to. I’m friends with some Democrats and political enemies of other Democrats.

When I write news, it’s news. When I write opinion, it is labeled as opinion.

Read what PBCJolt has written about Chris Persaud, Angelique Contreras, Amanda Silvestri, and Karen Brill. These are the people I’m supporting for the school board, and if anyone doesn’t like it, too bad.

The people at the Palm Beach Post would never admit to reading Jolt, but I know many of them do, and I want all their writers and editors to remember something.

Remember who you wanted to be. Remember when you didn’t write your opinion and disguise it as news, and you were proud of yourself for being ethical.

It’s never too late. You could be that person again if you wanted to.

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