Palm Beach Post Cites Hamas Source For Article 

Liberal leftist legacy “newspaper,” the Palm Beach Post, came out with an article that subtly defends a recently suspended pro “Palestinian” first-grade teacher who had “From the River to the Sea” posts on her Facebook page, and they cited terrorist group Hamas as source material to bring the point home.

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From the Palm Beach Post;

The teacher’s Nov. 1 email to Burke and the school board urged the district to also recognize violence against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. More than 11,000 people, including 4,600 children, have been killed in Gaza since Oct. 7, according to figures from the Hamas-run health ministry.

Jack Furnari from Fl Jolt covered the original story with screenshots of the teacher’s “From the River to the Sea” posts. “From the River to the Sea” means destroy all Jews. The meaning of the statement is not up for debate. It’s not code. The teacher had it on her page. Furnari’s article resulted in five hundred community members sending letters to the school board demanding Layann Alhunaidi’s dismissal. 

One of many antisemitic posts from suspended Palm Beach County first-grade teacher Layann Alhunaidi’s Facebook page.

From Fl Jolt;

Palm Beach County teacher Layann Alhunaidi responded to Burke’s statement (regarding antisemitism) and copied the entire school board lamenting the “atrocities” Palestinians have suffered. Interestingly enough, in a 409-word email,  Alhunaidi never mentions Jews, Hamas, Israel, Oct. 7, or terrorism, as if the brutal attack on Israel never happened and Gazans were the victims. ~Jack Furnari

State Representative Mike Caruso, R-West Palm Beach, wrote a letter requesting the teacher’s suspension. The school immediately suspended Alhunaidi, and that’s where this gets interesting. In 2018, Caruso sponsored a bill that codified the federal definition of antisemitism into law and gave Florida schools a guideline for how to handle antisemitic incidents in schools. Antisemitism is to be treated in the same manner as acts of racism. 

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Since this teacher was vocal about her “Palestinian” stance and had antisemitic rhetoric on her Facebook page, she, at the very least, needs to be investigated. Instead of dismissing her outright, suspending this teacher and looking into what she exposes students to is a fair outcome. Still, Katherine Kokal, an Education Reporter for the Palm Beach Post, doesn’t seem to agree or understand what an investigation means. She stated, “Caruso did not cite any examples of the teacher’s behavior in the classroom.” 

Layann Alhunaidi proudly updated her Facebook profile page with a recent personal photo.

Kokal, whose bio states she won an award for in-depth reporting, stated statistics from Hamas, a terrorist organization, as “fact,” she noted that the teacher didn’t have any posts on social media regarding “From the River to the Sea.” If she had bothered to dig a little deeper, she would have known that the Alhunaidi hastily took down her screenshots and replaced them with watermelons, a symbol of Palestinian solidarity. No one has to guess if the original posts were there because, as Jack Furnari often states, “a screenshot is forever,” in this case, he included them in his article. 

Kokal goes on to throw more shade;

Caruso, whose district does not include the school where the teacher is employed, sent district aide Eva Sazonova to Wednesday’s school board meeting to read a letter calling for her suspension.

Kokal quotes Caruso;

“What bothers me, as well as constituent parents, is whether or not her speech has spilled over into the classroom,” Caruso wrote. “The brainwashing of our five and six-year-olds with hate of any kind is disgusting and unlawful.”

Kokal then quotes the president of the South Florida Muslim Association;

Samir Kakli, president of the South Florida Muslim Federation, said Friday that the teacher’s statement to district officials should not be considered hate speech.

“Rep. Mike Caruso asks for suspension of a school teacher who was simply asking for a balanced, fair approach in our schools — an approach which reflects a respect and dignity for all human beings, both Palestinians and Jewish,” Kakli’s statement read.

Legacy media has gone from being left-leaning to becoming leftist propaganda that uses information from an actual terrorist organization as factual statements, and we’re all supposed to act like this is normal and credible. The Palm Beach Post is supposed to be a newspaper. The Palm Beach Post is as guilty of brainwashing as the suspended school teacher. 

Note: Tracy Caruso is married to State Representative Mike Caruso. 

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