Palm Beach County Bob Weinroth’s Bid for School Board Seat off to Shaky Start

Former Palm Beach County Commissioner Robert Weinroth recently kicked off his campaign for Palm Beach County School District Seat 5, and it’s been a disaster on every level with his people going live with a website with a beautiful logo…and they spelled his name: Wenroth!

As my colleague Tracy Caruso recently noted,

The big upset for Weinroth happened last November when he lost his reelection to Republican newcomer Marci Woodward. Democrat Weinroth claimed to “really be a Republican.” He straddled both sides of the fence, a strategy that worked to attract many voters at one time but no longer worked this time when Republicans decided they had had enough and Democrats just weren’t excited enough by their choices to come out and vote.

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Weinroth’s political consultant when he lost was Rick Asnani of Cornerstone Solutions. While I’m not entirely sure Cornerstone is responsible for this laugher of a screw-up, someone is supposed to manage the details of the Weinroth “campaign,” and that’s usually the consultant. Anyone can make a typo, I make them all the time, but this is a logo on a live political site. Someone had to approve it, and by law, the candidate is the only person supposed to approve it.

Maybe Rick Asnan and Robert Wenroth plan to revamp the alphabet and eliminate all the “i’s.” What a fiendishly clever way to introduce such a sweeping change.

Maybe Rick Asnan and Robert Wenroth plan to revamp the alphabet and eliminate all the “i’s.” What a fiendishly clever way to introduce such a sweeping change. Click to Tweet

Robert Wenroth


3/29/2023 2:51 PM Editor’s Note: A previous version of this post listed various websites of businesses and politicians who were technically but not materially connected to the company that made the “Wenroth” mistake. 

Some of the concerned parties asked me to remove the information since it was not material to the story, and I have done so. Ultimately, it’s always the candidate’s responsibility to check and approve what they’ve contracted for.


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A left-wing blogger interviewed Weinroth with the following result.

Weinroth opposes universal vouchers for use at private schools. He opposes the proposed constitutional amendment that would make school board races partisan. He opposes what critics call the “don’t say gay” law about discussion of sex and sexual orientation. He wants to provide “a moderate voice.”

After Weinroth, the Democrat, lost his county commission seat, he went around telling everyone he was changing parties and tortured anyone who was anyone in the county trying to get appointed to something by Gov. DeSantis. A proposition most people thought was ridiculous. Weinroth switched parties and became a Republican, and I guess that’s all he thinks it takes.

I’m not sure how someone who abandons his party when he loses and becomes a Republican when he stands against practically everything Republicans are for finds a constituency.

Weinroth opposes every single major Republican legislation that has to do with education.

Weinroth is an affable enough man, and I’ve known him for four or five years, but I don’t see that he believes in anything other than going to events, getting free food, wearing stupid looking sport coats, and posting photos of himself and his wife on Facebook.

That’s not enough for me, and I doubt it will be enough for anyone.

A friend recently commented about Weinroth and his supposed “moderation” by saying, “Standing for nothing is not moderate.”

I agree.

Note: The logo was corrected at 1:45 PM on 3/29/2023, 

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