Palestinian Student Protests Turn Violent-FAU Responds With Pro-Israel Support

One might wonder why FAU, a school in Boca Raton, Florida, where a considerable Jewish population resides, would have four pro-Palestinian groups at a state-funded school funded with taxpayer dollars. The mission of one of the groups is to restore justice for “occupied Palestine.” After caving to pressure, FAU issued statements supporting Israel, so why are these groups on campus, and will FAU denounce them and end them?


Florida Jolt published an article calling out Volnick for her “cease fire” statement regarding Israel.


After her “anti-Israel stance, clothed in a “peace and love for all” cease-fire statement, was publicized, Volnick must have gotten a backlash because she had a very different tone the next day.

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When a pro-Palestinian protest ended in three arrests, Volnick and board trustee Chair Brad Levine issued a joint statement stating FAU’s strong support for Israel.

The Sun Sentinel reported on a “peaceful” pro-Palestinian protest held by the MSA (Muslim Students Association). 

The march began peacefully at about 1 p.m., as approximately 100 students and other supporters gathered outside FAU’s Student Union building. Many wore Palestinian flags around their backs, carried signs with phrases like “no justice without return,” and chanted “free Palestine” and “end the aggression, stop the crimes, get out of Palestine.” One sign described Palestine as the world’s “biggest open-air prison.”

Given what’s going on in Israel now, I don’t see how the FAU student pro-Palestinian protest can be considered anything other than aggression towards Jewish people.

FAU restated their position:

Florida Atlantic University already this week has clearly stated its support for Israel and fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself. In the wake this week of on-campus protests denouncing Israel’s actions, the university today restates this position.

The deadly actions that have occurred since the weekend and continue today are barbaric and unthinkable acts of violence that have seen the brutal murders and taking of innocent men, women, and children as hostages, including Israelis, Americans, and many from other friendly nations.

The university condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the condoning of these terrorist acts and the murder of innocent civilians.

They went on to say that.

Yesterday, OWLS for Israel held a peaceful march on campus with more than 100 participants. Today, a “Protest for Palestine” march was held, resulting in three arrests on charges including resisting arrest, battery, and disorderly conduct.

Governor Ron DeSantis has clearly stated Florida’s position on the war in Israel. Florida strongly supports Israel, the right for Israel to defend itself, and its right to self-determination, and Florida calls for Israel to destroy Hamas. 

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FAU is doing a great job issuing statements supporting Israel and even went as far as to put “Palestine” in quotes. Hopefully, FAU will disband these “Palestinian” student groups and show that the statements they’ve released to the public are more than just words of appeasement. Actions speak louder than words.  

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