Oscar’s Ridiculous Inclusivity Standards Mean ‘The Godfather’ Wouldn’t Win Best Picture Now

Starting in 2024, movies will only be considered for an Oscar if they meet two out of four new woke inclusivity standards. If it were released today, “The Godfather” probably would have no chance of winning a Best Picture Oscar.

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According to the NY Post, some voting members of the Academy are outraged over the new standards. For example;

One of the standards features a lead or significant supporting character from an “underrepresented racial or ethnic group,” has a main storyline that focuses on an underrepresented group, or at least 30% of the cast comes from two or more underrepresented groups (women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ or people with disabilities).

Actor Richard Dreyfuss is disgusted by the rules. During a discussion with “The Firing Line” on PBS last month, he said that; 

The new rules make me want to vomit. No one should be telling me as an artist that I have to give in to the latest, most current idea of what morality is.

One of Hollywood’s most prominent producers told The NY Post;

Very few people in the industry favor the new rules — but, unlike Dreyfuss, they don’t speak out for fear of cancel culture.

Are the new inclusivity standards even necessary? The last several years of Best Picture winners already meet the criteria. 

In “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” the 2023 winner Michelle Yeoh leads a primarily Asian cast.

“CODA,” which won in 2022, centers around a deaf family in Gloucester, Mass.

“Nomadland,” from 2021, revolves around Frances McDormand’s widow character who travels the US in a van.

“Parasite” (2020) focuses on two South Korean families.

But other films nominated this year may not qualify.

“Front would not have been nominated,” said the director of the World War I film with a historically accurate white male cast.

“In terms of ‘Elvis,’ there are probably enough women and minorities to hit 30 percent and qualify,” Jim Piazza told The NY Post. ”

‘Schindler’s List‘ would not have been nominated. One director questioned if Jewish people would count as an ‘underrepresented racial or ethnic group.’ Jewish people are not listed as one of the categories on the Oscars website. 

Besides casting, a film can meet standards by having people from underrepresented ethnic or racial groups involved in the making or creating the movie, paid internships and training opportunities, and working on publicity, marketing, or distribution.

A former top studio executive explained to The NY Post that he left his position a year ago partly because of diversity run amok.

I knew this was coming, obviously,” he said of the 2024 rules. “But they’ve been going overboard on this in my opinion, for quite some time. Casting is getting less organic and more about checking [the diversity] boxes. It’s hurting the product, not helping, and I don’t think it’ll be good for anyone in the long run. I think the Academy got itself into a corner with inclusivity, and now it can’t get out.

Movies should win based on merit. Picking an actor or a film based on racial makeup seems racist in and of itself. How can anyone trust an award such as the Oscars if it’s not being given based on actual quality? There is one easy out. Just say that all of the actors are non-binary. Since the woke world says gender is a personal feeling that has nothing to do with biology, being non-binary is based on one’s subjective feelings; it’s not like anyone can tell you’re wrong. Problem solved. 

A complete outline of the standards can be found on the Academy site.

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