Orlando Sentinel Prepares to Deny Election, More From Lying Andy Thomson

When anyone uses the term “election denier,” they’re trying to discredit and dehumanize someone, yet the dead tree legacy media always does it. Now The Orlando Sentinel is laying the groundwork to deny the upcoming election.

The Orlando Sentinel should be ashamed even to publish a story with a bunch of fabricated “fears” about something that hasn’t happened, never mind making it a front-page story.

What’d they do, I don’t know, there were pillows, lines, I don’t where, maybe over here, maybe over there, who said this, who said that, I don’t know, maybe him, maybe her, blah blah blah blah.

The whole piece is like a Jackie Mason routine, except Mason was funny, and the Sentinel is just a sad excuse for a newspaper.

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“My question is, why would you believe a pillow salesman who’s never administered one election in his life, rather than this group of professionals who know what they’re doing?” Hays asked.

Gee, such subtlety; I wonder what voters they’re trying to smear.

Here are 12 minutes of Democrats denying elections. We all know the lies they’re telling, but when you watch this video, you still have to marvel at the sheer audacity of the lies the Democrats tell and the legacy media who back them up.

Here’s their piece of dreck for those who want to read it: Central Florida election leaders warn of voter intimidation

Democrat Andy Thomson

I can’t write the phrase “audacious lies’ without thinking of Democrat Andy Thomson, who’s running against Republican Peggy Gossett-Seidman for FL HD 91.

He just sent out an email with all kinds of arrows and graphics that tried hard to refute the fact that Thomson. and the entire Boca Raton City Council has raised taxes. I live here, and my wife and I pulled out my Boca Raton tax bills and compared them. The amount of money we’ve paid has gone up every year.

When normal people pay for something, and it’s higher than it was previously, we call that an increase. Not slickster politicians like Thomson and their consultants. though. They think that people are dumb and that if they repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. Here’s the scam, when property values are inflated, Thomson and his swamp buddies cut the millage rate by a minuscule amount so they can say that they cut taxes. The homeowner pays a lot more in taxes, but they play word games so they can lie about it. When property values ping pong down as they often do, they raise the millage rate, they don’t cut it to help the hurting citizen who’s trying to make ends meet.

To repeat, I live here, and my tax bill has gone up every year.

A reader of mine who also lives in Boca Raton and received Thomson’s email sent me the following:

This guy thinks we are all stupid. Reducing the millage rate a teentsie, tiny amount 4 out of 5 years is cutting my taxes? Wrong! It’s like he thinks no one knows about increased assessed values. A true tax cut would reduce millage rates at an amount that exceeds assessed value increases. Every year of those years in his chart, my Boca Raton City taxes increased. Andy is the liar, not Peggy! ~Larry Snowden

Saw another great mail piece from the Seidman campaign that made me laugh.

Don’t kid yourself for a minute; slicksters like Thomson do think they were born to rule over us. They think it’s their divine right to lie and manipulate voters. They are the swamp. The swamp isn’t just in our nation’s capital, it’s right here in Boca Raton, and Thomson is what the Boca Swamp produces.

Terrie Rizzo, the chair of the Democratic Party of Palm Beach County, wants all Democrats to know they’ll be knocking on doors for Republican/non-partisan Biden Democrat Andy Thomson. When you see Thomson, you might want to ask him how come you pay more in taxes when he says he cut your taxes. The ensuing tap dance will tell you all you need to know to cross the aisle and vote for Peggy Goddett-Seidman. 

Even during the biggest political brawl Boca Raton has seen in years, I still have a lot of readers with a great sense of humor who send me stuff. Here’s a collection of Thomson memes I’ve been sent.

Enjoy the memes, then go out and do the right thing-Vote for Peggy Gossett-Seidman.

King Andy

Andy Raised Taxes

Andy Democrat

Andy Biden Democrat

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