Orlando Puyol To Take on Incumbent for Village of North Palm Beach Council 

For anyone who believes in term limits and fresh ideas, long-time resident and community advocate Orlando Puyol may be the new councilman the Village of North Palm Beach needs. Puyol and his wife, Susie, have been village residents for decades. They have raised their three children, now adults, and now all three children are married and raising their children in this lovely Palm Beach County town. Puyol’s twenty-year incumbent opponent, registered NPA Darryl Aubrey, holds city Council seat three. Republican candidate Puyol feels that it’s time for someone new to take the job and that he has the energy and commitment to implement new ideas for the small Village that has seen some changes in the last few years, with many young families moving to the area. 

Orland Puyol with wife Susie, his children, and grandchildren. Puyol is running for the Village of North Palm Beach Village Council.

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Cuban-born Puyol was born in Havana. Communism was setting in, and six-year-old Orlando moved with his parents to Miami in 1960. Puyol went to the University of Florida and became a civil engineer. He and his wife moved to the Village of North Palm in 1985. Puyol owned various properties, and one of them was a church that didn’t make it. One day, he had an epiphany. Realizing how many dual-income households there are, he decided to start what became his first daycare and preschool center, and that’s the business he’s been in since. The director of the thirty-four-year-old company now is Puyol’s daughter, Sophie. Puyol still has an architectural engineering business run by his son, Eddie. His youngest son, Bobby, is the director of stewardship at Christ Fellowship.

Puyol knows so much about the Village of North Palm and the needs of every age group in the community. He and his family have a long history of involvement, advocacy, and commitment to this community. Puyol is now at a stage where he’s ready for a different level of public service, and he’s eager to give back to the community that has meant and still means everything to his family. Puyol ran against Darryl Aubrey for this seat two years ago. He didn’t win that time, but this time, he’s hoping to unseat his eighty-nine-year-old opponent, who he feels has grown a bit complacent, as many would serving in the same position for so long. 

Orlando Puyol

The Village is a good mixture of both young families and retirees. Given Puyol’s professional and family experience in this sixty-year-old town of Palm Beach County, he would be a tremendous asset to the council. His primary interest is to protect the area from irresponsible development that could change the small-town charm of this golf cart type of community. He sees his opponent giving into more large developments that would change the small-town feel. His opponent is also interested in possibly narrowing the road through the town, which would contribute to traffic issues. Puyol has served on the planning board and the golf advisory board of the Village, so he’s well aware of what’s going on, such as infrastructure issues he says need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

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The Village of North Palm Beach has about thirteen thousand residents. The city council race is non-partisan, and the five-person council has members from both parties, indicating that partisanship probably won’t significantly contribute to determining who wins this race. If Puyol wins, he will be the first Hispanic council member. There’s no doubt with a community-minded, family-oriented conservative resident like Orlando Puyol, the Village of North Palm Beach would be lucky to have him in office. He is a winner.

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