Orlando Magic Mall Merchants Tell Criminals: ‘There’s a Really Good Chance You’re Gonna Get Shot’

Two robbery suspects are dead and two more are on the run after they attempted a smash and grab robbery at a jewelry booth at the Orlando Magic Mall indoor flea market.

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According to witnesses, Orlando police officers swarmed the Magic Mall on West Colonial Drive just before noon on Friday. OPD say’s four men attempted to rob a jewelry booth inside the mall. Orlando Police say at least one of the suspects was armed.

The booth owner wasn’t having any of it and had something else in mind for the suspects. He pulled out a pistol and started blasting. When the booth owner shot the first two of the suspects, the other two left in a hurry, followed by one of the robbers who’d been shot.

One of the suspects was D.R.T. which is law enforcement code for “Dead Right There.” The other suspect who’d been shot managed to make it a block away where his two buddies left him in a car to die after they bailed out. He made it to the hospital before he died.

The Magic Mall merchants told FOX news that this is why many of them are armed.

“There’s a lot of concealed license carriers here. So, if you come to the Magic Mall and you want to commit a crime, there’s a really good chance you’re gonna get shot.”


Another said, “Normally we’re good, but we have to take care of ourselves.”

A video tweeted out by a Magic Mall patron right after the shooting, and I do mean right after as the Orlando Police had not even arrived yet, shows the dead suspect lying on floor behind the merchant side of the counter. Apparently, the young man jumped the counter, but wasn’t able to jump back. As yet, the two other suspects have not been caught.

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