Copy of 2023 Memberships

Delray Beach 123, Delray Beach, FL

2023 Club MembershipChoose your membership category: Stiletto Membership- Women upgraded membership. Ladies will receive Stiletto rhinestone pin, Custom nametag, an annual Stiletto gift, and invitations to special Stiletto Only events. Regular Membership-Women annual membership.Associate Membership- for Men ORFor the Women who are already a regular member of another Federated Republican Club. Associate women must provide […]

Commissioner Marci Woodward

Farmer's Table "Oak Room" 1901 N Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL

RFWSF is pleased to announce our April 27th dinner with County Commissioner Marci WoodwardJoin us for an evening of cocktails, dinner, stories and conversations with our honored guest, Palm Beach County Commissioner Marci Woodward.Marci Woodward, a Republican political newcomer, pulled off a Huge Upset, beating the incumbent Robert Weinroth (Dem), who at the time was the […]