OOPS!: Crist ‘Mistakenly’ Slams DeSantis for Dodging a Debate

Democratic Candidate for Florida Governor Charlie Crist slammed DeSantis for ducking debates when he declined the “Before you Vote Event” but failed to mention DeSantis’ agreement in a different debate.

Crist quickly released a statement on the matter, attacking DeSantis.

“Ron DeSantis can’t defend his record of banning abortions and ignoring Florida’s affordability crisis. DeSantis wants people to think he is tough, but you can’t play dress up like a fighter pilot and then chicken out of debates. These are the actions of a wannabe dictator, it’s weak, Floridians see through it, and it’s why we’re going to defeat him,”

Charlie Crist’s Communication Director Samantha Ramirez hit the same talking points in a tweet.

The tweet accused DeSantis of being scared, only acting tough in ads, and having no excuse for not facing Crist.

Ramirez claimed it was the only debate that would be broadcast statewide.

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Shortly after the attacks, news broke that DeSantis had, in fact, agreed to a debate, just one on CBS12 instead of the “Before You Vote” Event. Reporter Marc Caputo tweeted this fact and noted that if history is a guide, DeSantis would have every motive to get behind the podium.

Crist and his team made their statements even though this debate was already agreed to and scheduled.

According to a Florida Politics article, the October 12 debate will also be available statewide, contradicting Ramirez’s claims.

“The debate will be simulcast on statewide public ration, on participating TV stations’ websites or Facebook pages and on daily newspaper websites or Facebook pages. A national rebroadcast on C-SPAN after the live debate has aired.”

DeSantis will be on stage debating Crist at least once before the election, and everyone with internet access will be able to see it.

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