Only American Citizens Should be Permitted to Vote

Many different opinions have emerged about election fraud in America. But, for this post, let’s set aside the extent of voter fraud in our elections. Instead, let us concentrate on the vigorous attempts by radical leftists (such as the La Raza group and other outfits supported by George Soros) to corruptly influence election outcomes by enabling ineligible non-citizens to vote.

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Last week, President Biden publicly stated he will allow 30,000 immigrants per month, mostly from Haiti and Nicaragua, to enter the United States for two years. That’s 720,000 migrants. Federal law only allows such migrants to enter the U.S. on a “case-by-case analysis” and not as a class, states Thomas Homan, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement director in 2017-18. This means each immigrant’s case must be individually treated. But there is no plan to investigate the individual circumstances of each of these migrants, and they’re not enough ICE border agents to interview 30,000 migrants every month anyway. This means if Biden issues a blanket class approval, he would be violating federal law by allowing such migrants to enter the U.S., And Biden doesn’t have the authority to change immigration law without Congressional approval.

These migrants are not citizens. And they join approximately 12 million undocumented aliens who are already in the U.S. illegally. Looking at totals, the Census Bureau says the total population of the United States is about 330 million. Not long ago, 86.9 percent of people living in the United States were native-born citizens, 6 percent were naturalized citizens, and 7.1 percent were non-citizens. This means over 23 million people living in this country are non-citizens.

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Knowing that now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the looming problem: A significant number of ideologically leftist radicals want non-citizens to be entitled to vote in elections. This reflects a failure of Biden and other politicians to honor the basic principle that only U.S. citizens should be allowed to vote. Our voting booths should not be open to aliens, a concept that is being ushered in as a result of Biden’s radical Open Borders agenda, which is part of his commitment to “remake” America through the electoral process.

Their ultimate objective is to harvest future ballots to tilt the electoral playing field decisively in favor the Left. This would create a massive new pool of voters, including aliens, whom they believe will vote overwhelmingly for leftist candidates. And American taxpayers would foot the annual bills for aliens’ health care, law enforcement safety, education, and other public benefits. Your voting privileges and the lawful votes of all American citizens should not be canceled or diluted by non-citizen votes.

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There are already 14 municipalities in the U.S.—11 in Maryland, two in Vermont, and one in California—that allow non-citizens to vote in some or all local elections. So far, no states are allowing non-citizens to vote in statewide elections. Some states have made efforts to enact voter ID laws to guarantee that only citizens of America can vote but, get this; the Biden Justice Department has sued those states. Federal law states that non-citizens may not vote in federal elections but does not speak to whether they may vote in city or state elections.

It is common sense that people should accept the duties of citizenship before being allowed to vote, and allowing non-citizens to vote serves as a discouragement from seeking citizenship. Americans’ right to vote must be protected.

As the New York Post wrote:

“Citizenship should mean something, and the right to vote is a big part of it. And while most Americans are born citizens, an immigrant’s affirmative decision to become a citizen is a vital acceptance of duties as well as privileges.”

This whole idea of granting legal voting rights to non-citizens who have not demonstrated the loyalty to choose America over some other country is astonishing. Only American citizens should decide who our leaders should be for our country, our states, and cities, and also decide what policies we should adopt and how our tax dollars should be spent.

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