Obama White House Doctor Says Biden ‘Physically and Mentally Unfit for Office’

Former Obama and Trump White House physician Ronny Jackson sounded the alarm over President Biden’s declining health, and delivered a scathing takedown of the 46th president after he took a startling fall shortly after a military academy graduation speech.

Jackson, though always critical of Biden’s health, has turned up the pressure as Biden’s health and cognition have appeared to decline.

“I don’t wanna sound like a broken record, but I’m just going to say it again: This man’s not fit mentally or physically to be our president, and it’s a bad situation for us.” ~Ronny Jackson to Fox News’ ‘Hannity’

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Jackson has been particularly critical of the elderly President’s visible frailty. “Part of the job of the President of the United States is to inspire confidence and project power, and he’s not doing that,” Jackson said, “He can’t do that, he’s too old to do that, and I think it’s a shame.”

President Biden, currently 80-years-old, would be 86-years-old by the end of a hypothetical second term – meaning he would be more than a decade older than the average male life expectancy in America. Jackson commented on Biden’s age, going as far as to say that his enablers were guilty of “malpractice.”

“To think that this man thinks he can be president at the age of 86 when he’s 80 right now, and could be in office for another six years is just malpractice on part of the White House in the West Wing to allow this to be happening, for him to even be talking about running for another term.”

Jackson then specifically called out Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, for allowing him to continue his campaign despite his advanced age and uncertain health.

“Somebody needs to be held accountable. People like Jill Biden and people that surround him and are supposed to love him and care about him, they should be doing something about this, and they should be stopping this because it’s a shame.”

In June 2021 and February 2022, Representative Jackson sent letters to the president demanding a cognition test before deciding to run for reelection. The Texas Republican’s calls were outright ignored by the president.

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“When I was Physician to President Donald J. Trump, the liberal media relentlessly pushed a narrative that he needed a cognitive test and that it should be the standard for anyone serving as Commander-in-Chief and Head of State. I administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) test and President Trump excelled. Given the precedent set and Biden’s clear mental impairment, I believe it is past time he undergo a cognitive test” ~Representative Jackson’s open letter to the President, June 2021

The mainstream media, despite opining nonstop about ‘Trump lacking the mental acuity’ for the oval office, has largely ignored or downplayed Biden’s many verbal gaffes and rough falls.

Headlines celebrated Biden’s ability to “walk unaided” after his fall earlier this week – something which was, before Biden, a basic expectation from the most powerful elected leader in the world.

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