NYC Punks Steal 8-Year-Old Boy’s Lemonade Stand Money

8-Year-old entrepreneur Julian Lin had about $150 in sales from his lemonade stand stolen from him by a couple of punks in NYC.

Police said the theft occurred around 3:20 p.m. on Columbus Avenue near West 70th Street when the two teens pulled up on scooters and asked for some lemonade.

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The lowlifes waited until Julian turned his back to get them their order before snatching Julian’s money jar, containing as much as $150, his mom said, and made off on two scooters, according to police and a local report.

“I feel disappointed in humanity,” the young entrepreneur told the blog. “I didn’t realize someone would want to rob an 8-year-old.”

I Love The Upper West Side-Julian The Business Man

Some of his customers had paid him using Venmo, so it wasn’t a total loss — and Julian’s neighbors also stepped up to try to make up for the stolen earnings.

“When I lost all that cash, many people wanted to help me recover, so they gave me extra big tips,” he told the blog in an article published Wednesday.

“It made me feel good that so many people wanted to help me recover from this attack,” the boy added.” It made me feel happy, joyful, grateful.”

“I just love working,” he told the blog in April. “I love everything about it.”

Local merchants who’ve gotten a helping hand from Julian said they’re sad but sure he’ll bounce back.

Despite Sunday’s financial setback, Julian agreed that he had learned some valuable lessons.

“I will not have my money out there for anyone to grab. I will be more alert. I will trust my instincts because I could tell those guys were shady since one was wearing a ski mask,” he said.

“But I will keep doing what I’m doing because I love being a businessman, and I love dogs,” he added. “And 30% of my profits go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.”

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His parents agreed that the “unpleasant experience” was a teaching moment.

“It is an important lesson for any businessman, and we are just grateful that so many people have come out to support Julian in the aftermath.”

The two punks are still on the loose. Anyone with information about the thieves can call the NYPD tips hotline at 800-577-TIPS or message the department @NYPDTips.

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