Nonbinary Teacher Says BLM Has Right to ‘Burn’ America to Ground-Hides Students’ ‘Gender Issues’ From Parents

A Maryland school district is investigating one of its non-binary teachers after videos resurfaced of her encouraging Black Lives Matter rioters to “burn this motherf—ker to the ground,” referring to the country. The teacher, Lane Cogdill, recently came under fire for concealing her students’ ‘gender issues’ from their parents. Cogdill, who variously uses ze/zir, they/them, and he/him pronouns, was previously forced out of her position at a South Carolina school over the controversial TikTok videos.

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“Hey y’all, I have some thoughts about what’s going on in the world as a history teacher who cares about racial justice,” Cogdill said in a now-deleted 2020 TikTok video. “I keep hearing people say, I understand protesting, but I don’t understand rioting and looting, and let me just remind y’all that this country was literally built by black people. You ever been to one of those historic beautiful cities? Built by black people.”

The videos landed Cogdill in hot water while teaching at a South Carolina middle school. Outraged parents lobbied the school to fire her.
“Black people’s bodies were literally the currency that our white founding fathers used to fund the revolution,” Cogdill said in the video. “So as far as I’m concerned, as a white person and as a history teacher, if your ancestors built this country, you have the right to burn the motherf–ker to the ground.”

Cogdill, who is white, then concluded, “And white people I’m gonna need you to do better because your opinion on this is at best irrelevant and worst propagating white supremacy.”

Cogdill complained that she received hateful messages, including death threats over the videos, and eventually relocated to working at a middle school in Maryland. Once again, she has attracted controversy by encouraging students to pick their own pronouns, and then concealing the information from their parents.

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“I always ask a trans or questioning student as soon as I find out what is the name you prefer?” Cogdill said in an interview according to Fox News Digital. “What pronouns do you prefer? Who else knows? And how would you like me to refer to you when I speak to your family, to the administrators, to other teachers, in front of other students?”

Cogdill then added that she would hide the students ‘gender issues’ from their parents upon request.

“Some students ask me not to disclose their identity, and that’s a promise I always honor. I can’t imagine breaking a single trans or non-binary student’s trust by sharing details about their gender identity with anyone… especially their parents, their counselors and their administrators.”

Cogdill, returned to TikTok after the 2020 controversy, shares videos of her classroom, which include “pronoun charts” for her students to reference. On one poster, she introduces herself to students as “Mx.” Cogdill. Another poster is includes instructions on how students should use Cogdill’s xe/xir pronouns in sentences.

In another video, she responds to some of the parents’ complaints,

“[People] say things like, ‘Just teach the curriculum and stop confusing kids with your personal identity,’ which is funny to me because all I want, all any LGBTQ teacher wants, is to be able to just teach content and have my identity be a non-issue.”

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Cogdill works at Silver Spring International Middle School in the Montgomery County Public Schools District, according to the school’s website. Fox News Digital reported Sunday that the district is “looking into the matter.”

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