‘No more white principals on my watch!’- Superintendent Under Investigation After Racist, Anti-White Texts Surface

The Staten Island Superintendent is under fire after screenshots of racist texts attacking other school employees were released to the media.

District 31 Superintendent Marion Wilson is under investigation by the Department of Education (DOE) after sending inflammatory texts vowing to get rid of white principals and “clean up this island” that amounted to discrimination against other employees of Staten Island schools.

While it is unclear who sent or discovered the texts, screenshots were sent to New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks and other DOE and city officials from the encrypted email address [email protected].

“No more white principals on my watch!” says one text under Wilson’s name.

“I need to clean up this island,” another text reads. “White folks need to recognize this is not the boys club anymore. A strong black woman runs this bitch now, and they can either get on board or get out. If they don’t get out, I’m going to take them out one by one. They’re not gonna know what hit them. Gonna be fun.”

Another text references Christine Loughlin, who Chancellor Banks removed as superintendent of District 3 in Manhattan.

“Chris’s white ass is G-O-N-E. It’s happening.” She said that she ‘agreed’ to take Loughlin to ‘keep the white folks’ off her back.

“I agreed to take CL … She’ll keep the white folks off my back,”

Loughlin now serves as executive director of school support and operations in District 31.

Wilson also makes veiled threads towards two white principals in Staten Island, saying they are the ‘next on the chopping block’ if they don’t ‘play nice.’

“LOL Mele and Cugini better play nice. They’re first up on the chopping block,” it says.

The Department of Education intervened on behalf of Wilson, claiming that the texts were ‘fake.’

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“This story has been kicking around since August, and it’s not true,” said DOE Press Secretary Nathaniel Styer, referring to the allegations against Wilson. “SCI is not investigating her. SCI is investigating fake texts and spoofing.”

The SCI pushed back against claims that the texts were fake, saying it is not their business to comment on investigations before results are released.

The SCI spokesperson countered: “That is not an SCI statement, and DOE should know better than to speculate on confidential investigations being conducted by SCI.”

Regardless, DOE’s press office does not speak for SCI. SCI’s statement was that we do not confirm or discuss matters that are pending.”

Parents of children in the district expressed concerns about the texts and said that Wilson should be held accountable for what she said.

“It’s disturbing. There’s got to be an investigation,” the parent said. “If it’s true, you don’t want somebody like that running the show in the district. If it isn’t true, somebody should be held accountable for that. It needs to be transparent.”

Still, some education officials have stuck up for Wilson despite her statements.

At an event last month, Staten Island City Councilmember Kamillah Hanks applauded Wilson’s work hiring more black principals in her district.

“I wanted you to understand how incredible it is, through the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Marion Wilson and our Chancellor David C. Banks, that we are now looking at 14 black principals on Staten Island,” Hanks said.

Still, some employees in the school district believe that Wilson’s discriminatory attitudes have reflected in her employment decisions, leaving non-black administrators on the outs for promotions.

“Many assistant principals and principals have voiced comments made by the District 31 superintendent about hiring only black administrators for vacancies. Many administrators with tenure who live in Staten Island have left for other districts.” A Brooklyn principal said.

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