Nikki Fried Obliterated In Twitter Exchange – ‘Can She Possibly Be This Stupid?’

Nikki Fried is the last Democrat to have held statewide office in Florida; given her current job performance as the Florida Democrat Party chair, that will likely continue to be the case for a long time. Since leaving as agriculture commissioner in January, Fried has been reduced to a beggar, pleading for scraps on behalf of a party nobody in Florida wants to be a part of anymore. On her off-hours, she can be found bickering on Twitter, usually getting clowned over a post that should have remained in her drafts. Sunday was no exception, as she complained about Governor Ron DeSantis currently leading a Florida delegation on an international trade mission.

Earlier this month, DeSantis announced that he would meet with government and business leaders in Israel, Japan, South Korea, and the U.K. to discuss the expansion of foreign investment in the Sunshine State. On Monday, the Governor spoke with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan, Florida’s second-largest Pacific trade partner, whose companies employ more than 22,000 Floridians.

Fried decided to play dumb, however, and mocked the Governor as a “fraud.” She pitched the question to Twitter,

Out of curiosity, name another past or current governor (not just Florida) who has taken a “trade mission” out of the country during their legislative session. Florida’s leg session is only 60 days & dates are known pretty far in advance. Ron is a fraud. #WhereisRon”

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Fried got her answer(s).

“Missouri governor Parson to Israel, Idaho Governor Little to Singapore, Washington Governor Inslee to Mexico, Illinois Governor Quinn to Mexico, And this article outlines many other trips.” – Florida Julie (@byzosgal)

Other commenters referenced former Florida Governor Rick Scott’s visit to Brazil and Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s trip to India.

“Yes but not during legislative session,” Fried replied. “During session was the question.”

“How are you so bad at this,” Twitter user Dan Goldwasser replied, along with an article describing California Governor Gavin Newsom’s trip to El Salvador during his state’s session.

“California was in a legislative session at that time. You really need to learn how to use the Internet. You are SO bad at this, it’s embarrassing.”

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Fried responded weakly, telling her critic, “Do your homework, California session is 2 years. Florida is 60 days.”

So Goldwasser hit back,

“I did my homework. You didn’t. Moving the goalposts isn’t going to make you look any less foolish.”

“I would say this is embarrassing for you, but I’ve seen you campaign,” another Twitter user commented.


But Fried still hadn’t had enough. “Not moving the goalposts,” she said. “Out of the history of the U.S., you have 1 example which compares apples to oranges. I proved my point. This trip is a fraud and doesn’t care about Florida.”

So Goldwasser delivered the final blow and offered another twelve recent examples of U.S. governors going on trade missions during their legislative sessions,

“Holy shit, I just spent 30 seconds and found you two examples. I could do a lot more if you wanted me to. The point is you demanded an answer and when you got TWO, you moved the goalposts.”

“The governor of almost every state goes on international trade missions. Can she possibly be this stupid?” another commenter asked.

“Yes, she can. And is,” Goldwasser replied.

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