Nikki Fried in Panic Mode as Dems Rapidly Lose Voter Edge in Miami-Dade

Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried announced this week that she will commit $1 million to a statewide voter registration tour in August. Fried plans to travel to 18 counties in a desperate bid to restore her party’s competitive edge–but her so-called “Take Back Florida” tour may be too little too late, according to the latest registration figures.

A new report by the Miami Herald estimates that Democrats in Miami-Dade County have lost their advantage over registered Republicans by as much as 50 percent over the past four years. Once a reliable blue stronghold, Miami-Dade has shifted ever closer to the right since 2019, dropping from a 15-point lead to just 8 points as of this month.

While Fried’s outreach tour has a scheduled stop in Miami-Dade next month, the Herald’s analysis suggests it will have a similar effect to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Since 2019, the total number of registered Democrats in the county has plummeted by as much as 6,000. Ten percent of the state’s total registered voters reside in Miami-Dade.

“There’s no way for Democrats to win statewide in Florida by having a voter registration meltdown in Miami-Dade County,” Fernand Amandi told the outlet. Amandi is the managing partner of the Miami-based political strategy and polling firm Bendixen & Amandi. “Democrats are now registering as Republicans, and Republicans are out-hustling Democrats in the most important county in the state for Democrats.”

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In June, the Florida GOP boasted 5,263,269 registered voters, compared to 4,721,471 registered Democrats, according to the state Division of Elections. That 542,000 voter edge increased nearly 50,000 from just the previous month.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to hemorrhage voters without end, including nearly 94,000 last month. According to an analysis by News 6, a total of 275,384 Democrats jumped between October 2020 and November 2022 to either join a different party or become a “no party affiliation” (NPA) voter.

“Month after month, Florida becomes a darker shade of red,” said Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler

“Despite what the left-wing lunatics want you to believe, the facts are that Floridians and those who have recently moved here are not buying the radical agenda being peddled by the Democrat party. This is great news, but we must keep our foot on the gas until the Florida Democrat Party waves the white flag of surrender, which looks more and more inevitable with every new voter registration monthly update.” ~ Christian Ziegler on July 18

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Nonetheless, Fried appears ready to trudge on ahead to next month’s registration tour. But if history is any indicator, Florida Democrats may be underwhelmed by the results.

“Memories must be short,” Ziegler said in response to the announcement. “Let’s look back to March of 2019 and what was promised vs. what happened.”

“In March 2019, the [Florida Democrats] pledged to spend $2 Million on Voter Registration. Their goal was 200,000 more Democrats for the 2020 Election…

On Election Day in 2020: Democrat Voter Registration Advantage in Florida had DROPPED by 112,092 (246,326 to 134,234 more Democrats than Republicans in Florida)… Meaning that essentially, the Democrats paid $14.98 for every 1 lost registered voter.” ~ Christian Ziegler via Twitter

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