Nikki Fried and Florida Dems F-Bomb Everything in Bid to Get Clicks, Not Votes

After a blowout defeat in November, the Florida Democratic Party appears to have given up trying to win the hearts and minds of voters. Their new mission, spearheaded by failed gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried, seems to be centered around winning internet clicks and video views, which they plan to achieve through a foul-mouthed rebrand.

“Republicans are trying to burn our state and your [Florida Democratic Party] to the ground,” says a new ad published by Fried over the weekend.

“Not on our f–king watch.”

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The new 70-second ad is heavy into dramatics. The dark video displays the silhouette of a woman standing in front of a shack, which is burning to the ground. Audio from several newscasts reporting on recent Republican victories is played over the video, painting the Sunshine State as a “hellscape.” Health, school, housing, books, and love are some issues listed onscreen.

A caption reads in the video, “NOT ON OUR F–KING WATCH,”

Fried’s assessment of the Florida Democratic Party is correct: it is in ruin.

Last month, Florida GOP Chair revealed that his party’s registration had eclipsed that of Democrats by more than a half million voters. Since 2018, the voter registration edge has swung in favor of the Florida Republican Party by roughly 800,000 votes.

Facing impossible odds and the recent extinction of the Democrat Party in statewide office, Fried revised course and transformed the party into something even more embarrassing.

The release of the vulgar ad coincided with the Florida Democrats’ annual “Leadership Blue” gala. Over 700 top Democrat figures in the state packed into the luxury Fontainebleau Resort hotel over the weekend and rallied around Fried’s efforts to rebrand the ailing party.

A statement from the party reads,

“The highly anticipated conference and gala sold out before Emmy award winning actor and producer star Bradley Whitford was announced as the keynote speaker, generating even more hype in an otherwise ‘off-year’ on the election calendar for Florida Democrats.

That evening, the sold out Leadership Blue gala attended by 750 guests opened with a fiery launch video unveiling a new brand for Florida Democrats reclaiming the red, white, and blue in a new look and feel for the party.”

Democrat leadership appears to have embraced the new strategy.

Two months after Fried was arrested outside Tallahassee City Hall for trespassing while wearing a “Just F–king Vote” t-shirt, Democrat Congressman Maxwell Frost from Orlando joined rock band Paramore on stage during a concert and proclaimed to his audience, “F–k Ron DeSantis! F–k fascism!”

The Democrats’ use of the f-bomb to show their outrage has effectively garnered attention online but hasn’t done much to slow their hemorrhaging voter numbers.

To wrap up their leadership gala, Democrats also hosted drag queen Velvet LeNore, supposedly in defiance of state law prohibiting adult performances in front of children. The audience roared with applause. The remnants of the Florida Democratic Party seem committed to achieving a record loss in 2024.

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