Nightmare Photos Hatched: Hilarious Easter Bunny Encounters That’ll Crack You Up!

In the hallowed halls of parenting traditions, some rites of passage are as inevitable as they are inexplicable, like Easter Bunny photos. Remember being thrust into the lap of a giant, floppy-eared, bucktoothed figure that was more ‘Donnie Darko’ than ‘Peter Cottontail’? I unearthed some egg-scruciatingly hilarious photos of kids coerced into meeting the Easter Bunny. Why did our parents insist on this hare-brained ritual, and how did we survive the furry ordeal?

Do you have a therapy-inducing Easter Bunny photo to share? Please do! You can share in the comments section below.

Remember being thrust into the lap of a giant, floppy-eared, bucktoothed figure that was more 'Donnie Darko' than 'Peter Cottontail'? Click to Tweet

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1. Distant Cousin of Frank from “Donnie Darko?”

Easter Bunny First Impressions
KellyAlyce on Reddit

2. School picture day and Easter Bunny identity crisis?


3. The Easter Bunny was scarier in the ’80s


4. 1948’s Easter Bunny predicted the ‘duck lips’ of 2020

Barbara Galentin

5. The Easter Bunny is real!


6. This Easter Bunny needs more hands!

Courtney Blair

7. This Easter Bunny has had enough!


8. Part Easter Bunny, part horse face!

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9. Easter Bunny hate


10. Is anyone fond of the Easter Bunny?


Remember that beneath those terrifying vintage masks and uncanny cotton-tailed disguises, there’s a certain charm to the family tradition of immortalizing our childhood fears. Whether you’re hopping down the bunny trail, hunting for eggs, or simply taking a moment to cherish the company of loved ones, we wish you a Happy Easter filled with laughter, joy, and a much less terrifying (and more chocolate-laden) bunny. Here’s to creating memories that won’t leave future generations questioning our sanity!

And I’ll leave you with this adorable video.

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