Newsom wastes money on DeSantis attack ad in Florida

Tomorrow, an advertisement attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ policies will hit the airwaves on FOX News across the state of Florida.  The advertisement was not paid for by his opponents in the Florida Gubernatorial race, Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist.  It was also not paid for by the Florida Democratic Party.

The advertisement was bought and paid for by a Democrat Governor who is on the other side of the country, California Governor Gavin Newsom.

The Democratic Governor bought $105,000 worth of ad time on FOX News that will air on the 4th of July, according to Mediaite.

The advertisement, which frequently references Governor DeSantis, claims that “freedom is under attack” in the state of Florida.  Newsom alleges that free speech is being silenced in Florida and that women are “under attack” due to abortion laws.

He contrasts Florida with California, where people supposedly believe in “freedom”.

Newsom reportedly told CNN that the advertisement was directly aimed at Governor DeSantis, before falsely repeating the claim that DeSantis is running for President.

“He’s running for president,” Newsom said of the Florida governor. “I care about people. I don’t like people being treated as less of them. I don’t like people being told they’re not worthy. I don’t like people being used as political pawns. This is not just about him, but he is the poster child of it.” He said.

As it turns out, Californians, who are rapidly leave the state for Republican states like Texas and Florida, don’t buy his advertisement.

One Twitter user posted a meme calling Newsom an “idiot”

Sara Gonzales of Blaze News said that the only “freedom” Newsom allows in the state is the freedom to kill babies, commit crimes, and “sh*t in the streets”.  California’s biggest cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco have had to contend with high levels of public defecation over the last few years.

Another California resident called Newsom a “fascist” and warned Americans that he would “ruin the rest of the country” if his vision was implemented.

In May, Newsom said that he had “subzero interest” in running for President, though his ad buy in Florida has fueled speculation that he is interested in running.

For his part, DeSantis has also expressed little interest in running for President, though recent polls have shown that he would be a strong contender in the Republican Primary if he chose to run, with some even showing him edging out President Trump.

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