Newsom Shredded for Anti-Gun Political Cartoon on Memorial Day

California Governor Gavin Newsom used Memorial Day, a holiday in which Americans honor their valiant fallen veterans, to post an anti-gun political cartoon. The political cartoon was Newsom’s only social media post for the day.

The radical-left Democrat immediately received a harsh backlash from onlookers, constituents, and commentators.

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The cartoon shows a child reaching for a book and a gun simultaneously – a not-so-subtle attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s removal of pornography and adult content from children’s school libraries, which the California governor has been relentlessly attacking.

“‘There has not been a single book banned in Florida.’ Last school year, Florida had 566 bans across 21 school districts.” ~Gavin Newsom on Twitter

The cartoon also focuses on guns in an attempt to attack gun rights and gun owners over a supposed lack of safety measures, hinting at the school shootings that have been afflicting the country.

The efforts spearheaded by Governor DeSantis have prompted Newsom to tour the country in what he calls the “campaign for democracy,” where he hopes to explore how right-wing efforts have changed the country. Many believe the sudden poor-taste attacks on DeSantis, combined with the “campaign for democracy,” are part of a buildup for his entrance into the 2024 Democratic primaries.

Newsom’s partisan and disrespectful post received a hailstorm of criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike.

Popular conservative Twitter accounts quickly gave a more “realistic” version of the situation.


“Gavin, I don’t have any guns in my home. My kids can read any books that they want. Now what are you doing about the fentanyl crisis in San Francisco, a city in the state that you are governor of where open air drug markets flourish and people are literally dying daily?” ~@thomashawk on Twitter

Other commenters offered more serious criticism. The fact that Newsom released no official Memorial Day statement, but posted a partisan political cartoon, upset many.

“Gavin doesn’t have anything to say on Memorial Day about the brave US warriors who sacrificed all for our freedom. He’d rather admonish his political opposition because he only thinks of himself.” ~@ShawnQuinn83

Dave Rubin, DeSantis supporter and host of the right-wing “Rubin Report,” replied with a tongue-in-cheek photo of the California governor as a sort of lizard person.

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Despite his reservations about firearms, commenters quickly pointed out that Newsom depends on armed guards who utilize the second amendment for his security.

“Says the dude with 6 bodyguards, fully armed. BTW is Memorial Day, but we all know you hate USA.” ~@mistergusano on Twitter

If Newsom enters the race, he will bring a disastrous track record of poor governance and horrific policies that have left the “Golden State” one of the most violent and dirty in America – to the point where the population is fleeing to the red states in droves.

Unfortunately for the California governor, moral grandstanding on Twitter isn’t enough to make his state as prosperous, safe, or free as DeSantis’s “fascist” Florida.

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