Newsom Roasted For Saying GOP Wants to Teach Slavery ‘No Big Deal’

California Governor Gavin Newsom was slammed on social media Tuesday after again inserting himself into another red state’s politics, accusing Oklahoma curriculum of downplaying slavery.

“Politicians in Oklahoma now plan to indoctrinate kids with cartoons that teach slavery was ‘no big deal’ and equate climate change believers to Nazis,” Newsom posted along with a Daily Beast article complaining PragerU videos. “Disgusting.”

The same attention-seeking behavior has repeatedly brought Newsom into conflict with Governor Ron DeSantis. Newsom appears preoccupied with every state’s politics except his own. Meanwhile, California continues to get overwhelmed by crime and drug abuse.

“The same people who want to fill elementary school classrooms with ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘How Sex Apps Work’ are outraged that some teachers might show PragerU’s ‘Builders of America’ or ‘Let’s Visit Arlington National Cemetery,'” writer Chris Rufo said.

Newsom’s comments sparked a backlash from Republicans nationwide, who are fed up with being lectured by a “used car salesman” on the West Coast.

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“Go outside in the streets of Sacramento, LA, Oakland, and San Francisco and see what your policies have done to the state of California,” one user replied.

“While in California, a set of parents have to explain an overdose to their young child while walking down a sidewalk.” ~ RedInDC [@RealRedInDC]

Several users called out Newsom’s failings in his home state, namely allowing gender ideology in kids’ classrooms, failing to fight the drug epidemic, and overseeing the total collapse of public safety.

“This is a lie,” one user replied before tagging X’s community notes for a fact check. “You seem awfully concerned about every other state but your own, which you are turning into a post-apocalyptic hellscape… You will never be President. You know that, right? You should start getting used to that reality.”

“Hey dipsh*t your state you know the one you govern right now is literally having a stores looted every day, not to mention the epidemic of homeless people, drug addicts, failing public transit system that’s never on time, but sure cry wolf over in Oklahoma cartoon” ~ TobiMidnight [@KitsukyuT]

Other commenters included links to other articles outlining California’s decline. Some headlines included “California Students Have Dismally Low Math and Reading Test Scores” and “Sacramento Ranked Second Dirtiest City in America.”

The account ‘Photographic Floridian’ referenced the buildup of human waste in places like San Francisco,

“Pressure clean your sidewalks, bro.”

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Newsom’s latest tantrum echoes the lies he has pushed about Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida GOP. DeSantis and Newsom have feuded on multiple occasions since the start of the Florida Governor’s first term in 2019. That clash has included issues such as the COVID-19 lockdowns, illegal immigration, and woke education in elementary schools.

In August, DeSantis accepted a challenge from Newsom for a formal debate moderated by Fox News host Sean Hannity. A final date has not been determined amid disagreement over the rules and format.

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