New Yorkers Flee to DeSantis Land in Record Numbers

New York Governor Kathy Hochul just became Florida’s top realtor. According to a recent report, a record number of New Yorkers ditched the Empire State in 2022 for Florida’s sunny shores. The newly-minted Floridians say they were driven out of New York by the state’s high cost of living, out-of-control crime rates, and Democrat-controlled government.

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The U.S. Census Bureau reported Florida as the fastest-growing state in the union, adding over 400,000 to its population. Reporting by the New York Post suggests that 64,577 of them came from the Empire State. The paper attributes its information to license change data reported by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. By contrast, New York ranked as the fastest-declining state in the union, losing more than 180,000.

Florida has long been the nation’s top destination for spring breaks and summer getaways, but Americans are now seeking to make their stay permanent. The state has enjoyed a massive population boom since 2020 when it defied COVID lockdown orders and positioned itself as a haven from crumbling Blue America. At one point, nearly 1,000 people were moving to the state each day.

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Even with the country largely abandoning its pseudoscientific COVID mandates, the exodus to Florida has continued at nearly the same rate as in 2020. The low cost of living and a thriving pro-business environment has been a significant pull, especially in the wake of the nation’s inflation crisis. Florida also has no income tax per its state constitution, unlike New York, which has a 10.9% top individual income tax rate. Florida’s school system has also been cited as a factor for having remained open throughout the pandemic and for setting parents’ rights as a priority.

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Blue states are feeling the sting of population loss. NYC Mayor Eric Adams tried begging Floridians to come back with a billboard campaign last April – it didn’t work. Emigration to red states became a central issue of New York’s 2022 governor election, with GOP nominee Lee Zeldin promising to slash taxes and cut state spending. His loss means the current exodus is unlikely to change.

This week’s population reports are a reminder that Americans vote with their feet, and right now, Florida is winning in a landslide.

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