New Report Highlights the Emergence of ‘DeSantis Democrats’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a lot of flak from the mainstream media and progressive activists for championing legislation such as the Parental Rights in Education bill.

A report from The Free Press indicates that DeSantis’ policies are popular among both Republicans and a significant number of disaffected Democrats.

The report profiled liberals who no longer believe they haveAll Posts a home in the Democratic Party due to its woke policies and being soft on Socialist regimes such as Venezuela and China.

The article even coined a term for Democrats who have walked away from their party, ‘DeSantis Democrats.’

“You have to have a big tent that’s actually diverse, and you don’t do that by calling people with different viewpoints evil,” Said former Democrat Daren Dillinger, 54, an IT specialist from Jacksonville.

Dillinger said that he felt “nostalgic for the days when you could disagree with your party on an issue or two and still call it home,” the report said. While he agreed with Democrats on some policies issued, he disagreed with Democrats’ far-left stances on social issues and language policing.

“He’s gotten three doses of the Covid vaccine, and he’s all for transgender rights, but he’s tired of other progressives looking for all the ways he’s not perfect, the wrong words that slip out of his mouth, the incorrect opinions he’s voiced,” the report stated.

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Dillinger is emblematic of how DeSantis won purple Florida by a nearly 20 percent margin.

Another Democrat who walked away from the party lamented their lax stance on authoritarian socialist regimes and organizations such as Venezuela and FARC in Colombia.

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Carolina Castillo expressed frustration that the Biden administration chose to remove the far-left rebel group FARC from its list of foreign terrorist organizations in 2021.

When DeSantis blasted Biden over the decision, it was “like music to Colombians across Florida who thought the world had gone mad.”

“Did the White House really not know these were Marxist guerillas?” she asked. That decision and DeSantis’s strong stance against it opened her to the idea of voting for a Republican.

“I was just like, ‘No, I am aligned with Ron DeSantis. I’m aligned with him against these socialist dictators. I’m aligned with him with Covid,'” Castillo said.

Democrat consultant Even Pérez-Verdia said that anyone with “principles” wouldn’t vote for Republicans but admitted that Democrats have a messaging problem.

“There’s a lot of denials, and they act like it’s only MAGA people,” she told the Free Press. “There are a lot of people who feel like this.”

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