Netflix Promotes Comedy Special With Trump Assassination Jokes

“I’m not advocating for killing a president, but we used to try.”

Netflix’s new comedy special Cheeseburger turned some heads this week with its menu teaser. If you happened to scroll over it, you would have heard comedian Andrew Santino deliver a bizarre monologue about killing Donald Trump. “I was shocked Trump lasted four years… And nobody, you know, nobody…” he says before making a gun-like hand gesture. “Not once?”

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Andrew Santino’s Cheeseburger includes 58 minutes of material. It’s a left-leaning routine – Santino has long been vocal about his hatred of Trump – but he takes his swipes at Joe Biden and Greta Thunberg too. Inserting a Trump assassination joke at the forefront of the special’s advertising is a deliberate choice by Netflix’s marketing team.

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Netflix employees have had regular meltdowns in recent years due to the company’s comedy lineup. When Dave Chappelle cracked jokes about transgenderism in his 2021 special, company staff staged a walkout and demanded reparations. When Ricky Gervais did the same one year later, the organizers demanded Netflix customers cancel their subscriptions.

Celebrities and executives, of course, tumbled over each other, trying to be the first to apologize. Netflix doubled back on its initial support of Chappelle and offered a simpering apology. Liberal court jester Patton Oswalt went on Instagram to beg forgiveness for the capital crime of being photographed with Chappelle, his friend of 34 years.

You will not see that kind of hysterical response to Santino’s jokes about murdering Donald Trump. You’re supposed to understand that trans jokes are literally violence, and killing the president is not. If openly wishing death on the 45th president were a cancellable offense, most of Hollywood would cease to exist.

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None of this should be any surprise, however. Netflix is a company that produces junk like Dear White People and Colin Kaepernick in Black & White. Any illusions of a quality company should have died upon the release of Cuties, a movie about 11-year-old girls learning to twerk. If Netflix releasing a child exploitation film were not enough to cause a stir in its ranks, then obviously, neither would jokes about killing the dreaded Orange Man.

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